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  1. cassiel1972


    The wife and I are:- Ann Millar 59899989 G680DJ Chris Boyland 78952194 G680DJ Also have money available, today.
  2. cassiel1972

    The National

    True dat. His 2013 appearance was a masterpiece of take-no-prisoners confrontation - 'From Her To Eternity', 'Deanna', 'Jack The Ripper', 'Tupelo' - he wasn't out to make friends with all the straw-hat wearing Mumfords' tossers - he was out to make them bleed from the ears.
  3. cassiel1972

    2017. Best lineup for ages

    S'okay. There are a lot of acts on that poster who've been at Glastonbury in recent years (by recent, I mean 2011 onwards). Just off the top of my head and without spending time pouring over line-up details, I can see - Radiohead, The XX, Chic, Alt-J, Run the Jewels, Emeli Sande, First Aid Kit, Warpaint, Goldfrapp, Kate Tempest, Future Islands, Clean Bandit, George Ezra, London Grammar, Kaiser Chiefs, Rag'n'Bone Man . . . I won't go on. The only genuine (brilliant!) surprise for me is The National. Last year's poster had more surprises. This one's decent size-wise, as there're some big ticket-shifting acts on it below the headliners but it's not jaw-dropping.
  4. Chris Boyland




    Ann Millar


  5. cassiel1972

    Secret resales

    It clarifies - two 'pots' and a resale of all/any tickets refunded since October would have meant more tickets this week - but, hey ho. This is why I'll be sitting on the internet all day, every day 'til this damn thing happens. Thanks for getting back to me.
  6. cassiel1972

    Secret resales

    Which begs the question - was the April resale a resale of tix, where the buyer had not paid their deposits. And is this resale a resale of tix where the buyer has paid the full amount (which, as you say, they could have done any time since October) but has since asked for a refund - at any time since October. Are there two separate 'pots' - not paid-in-full tix and refunded tix - because, if so - surely that increases the number of tix in this week's pot?
  7. cassiel1972

    Secret resales

    Which reminds me - someone earlier (couldn't find the post when I looked back, sorry) mentioned that the secret resale was a resale of tickets handed back after the resale in April. But surely 6 May was the deadline for all refunds - so someone could have bought a ticket in the October sale, paid their deposit in April and then (after they'd paid their full ticket price - which would be gutting, BTW) discovered that - for whatever reason - they couldn't go. So, there's reason to believe that the amount of tix available this week isn't just dependent on a (more) limited no. of folk buying tix in the resale and handing them back shortly afterwards. Or have I go this wrong, somehow?
  8. cassiel1972

    Secret resales

    Personally, I think this is precisely the sort of advice that should be circulating everywhere on the internet (other than this Forum). Winnows out the 'fairweather festival goers' from the true believers.
  9. Afro-Celts headlining West Holts would rocket towards the top of my all-time greatest Glasto moments. A spine-tinglingly, hair-raisingly thrilling prospect.
  10. cassiel1972

    One act you want there more than anybody

    My fond hope . . . and I know how unlikely this is, but I'm going to say it anyway . . . is to see Kate Bush on the Pyramid.
  11. cassiel1972

    Arcade Fire

    Last night was the 4th time I'd seen Arcade Fire (The first was back before they released Neon Bible), and it was up there with their very, very best. Everything worked for them. The rain stayed away. The big gestures - turning the lights onto the crowd, the fireworks and confetti cannon - pulled the whole crowd in and the small stuff - Win borrowing someone's phone during 'Flashbulb Eyes' to take pictures, Regine's joyful smile while she did her twirls during 'The Sprawl II' - were carried effectively by the screens. The sound (at least where we were was amazing - pin-point sharp, detailed and immensely powerful. And they brought the songs - the sequence from 'Power Out', through 'Rebellion (Lies)' into 'Ready to Start' was a tour-de-force. The Reflektor material surpassed its recorded versions in pretty much every case and the older material delivered as it always, always does. 'Wake Up' will be the defining, "We're you there for?" moment of this Glastonbury - in some respects, Elbow's sub-headline set marked a passing of the mantle, from a bad who, not long ago were headliners-in-waiting, to a band who took their opportunity with both hands and all their hearts and made it very, very special. If I were James Hetfield last night, I'd be a worried man.
  12. cassiel1972

    Hidden Glastonbury

    They weren't children. That's the really freaky bit.
  13. cassiel1972

    Nick Cave

    According to another post - your last two gigs before Glasto were Bon Jovi and Maroon 5. If these are your benchmarks, I wonder you didn't find the Mumfords a bit hardcore and 'out there' for your tastes. And you probably shouldn't be allowed out to see the Bad Seeds without some sort of nurse.
  14. cassiel1972

    Nick Cave

    Nick's set was a, basically, a Molotov cocktail chucked into the middle of the cosy, Mumford's fans circle jerk. Everything was measured, perfectly delivered and sharp as the eponymous 6" gold blade. Where I was standing , half the crowd hated it and the other half thought it was the best thing they'd ever seen - which was exactly as it needed to be. The choice of songs was especially vicious - particularly "People Ain't No Good". Of all the slow songs they could have played after that opening onslaught, to choose that one was hilarious.