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  1. Hey guys, Me and my girlfriend are planning on renting a car to drive to the festival and back from London. We're thinking of leaving at 9am on Thursday and will probably head back at 8/9am on the Monday morning. The car rental, the car park ticket and petrol will come to ~£210, so we're looking for someone who's wanting to travel at roughly those times and is happy to chip in £70. Give me a shout if you're interested!
  2. Really feel for you mate, had a similar if not quite as bad experience. My girlfriend and I were just in front of left sound desk. The screens not showing the band and the lack of Bends banger early on meant casuals round us lost interest. When Exit Music started up one a guy to my left shouted "for fucks sake just play the hits, this is self-indulgent bullshit". When him and his friends finally recognised a song they took their tops off and whirled them round their heads.. I managed to still enjoy it, aside from them not playing Reckoner it was pretty much the ideal set-list for me and there were some other big fans round us who made the second half pretty special - I was pretty choked up when a guy in front of me called his mum during Fake Plastic Trees, it turned out she'd taken him to the 2003 set when he was 14 and got him into Radiohead. I really can't fathom the screens decision. Not being able to see the band playing or see Thom while he was talking made it really hard to feel involved. If I could do it again I'd go for the pit (which would mean going solo as my girlfriend would have hated being that rammed in), but I genuinely think that if they'd shown TV feed on the side screens it would have meant those further back would have had a somewhat similar experience to those at the front.
  3. I think dream set-opener for me would be Just, the place would go nuts.. To be honest anything apart from what they have been starting with would be awesome, less because I don't think they're great openers (although why you'd start with your slowest, newest songs is beyond me), and more because it would indicate they weren't treating it as just another show on this tour.
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