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  1. I saw the boys at V fest a few years ago. They were great. Needs the sunshine though...
  2. Peroni

    People on Furlough....

    We were looking at 8 weeks unpaid before the Furlough came in. Company advised we could take other jobs and we have a very active recruitment board where they are actively recommending jobs we take so I think it really depends on what in your contract. We have had a number of firms contact our HR department offering roles for people to take paid and as volunteers also...
  3. Peroni

    People on Furlough....

    I'm finding getting up a little bit later is really helpful. (I used to be a 5am gym bunny before work) so starting the day slightly slower and taking more time vs rushing is well worth it.
  4. Peroni

    People on Furlough....

    In planning my next few weeks I came across this. Thought I'd share as may be of interest/use to others https://www.open.edu/openlearn/free-courses/full-catalogue
  5. Peroni

    People on Furlough....

    I dropped back in here after day 1 of being on Furlough leave, and I can see I'm in the same boat as a few of you. Really keen to know what/how we all manage though it I'm also sorry to hear about those in different circumstances. I was facing a pay reduction before the scheme was announced so happy to be Furloughed now as it means less of a drop, but appreciate not everyone is in same boat. I am in the camp of missing work though, will take some time to get used to new routine....
  6. Thought it might be nice to have a thread for us on Furlough to talk about what we are doing with the time.... maybe will end up with some nice stories etc to talk about by end of it. I can start.... I'll be going on Furlough from 1st April, as work for an Airline.... haven't yet decided what to do for 8 weeks off as I've never been off for such a long period in the 16 years I've been working. I don't have kids, and will be getting paid during so could easily volunteer in some way, just haven't decided how or what...
  7. https://www.vox.com/2020/3/10/21171481/coronavirus-us-cases-quarantine-cancellation if we really want to delay the spread and protect the NHS, its seems like this approach would be wise. Nicked this off Barack Obama who seems pretty same compared to current potus
  8. I'm super pragmatic about it. I know I'll still be at the farm come june however it happens. It's been the most weird weekend, and although I've never taken it for granted... missing out this year so far had reestablished how much it really means. I am happy to help who ever I can!! X
  9. Checking into this thread for the first time in 10 yrs xx
  10. I wonder if it's a test for a future ticket allocation process?
  11. Not at all familiar. First time in 10 years.... feels weird
  12. Popping this up as interested to get a head start on T day, is there a bunch of brand new people who fell in love with the festival after there first time or have people been turned off?
  13. Peroni


    Oh and some how... On Sunday night some twat had a shit outside the door of my sister in laws tent.... What possess some people?!?
  14. Peroni


    I was so pleased to see the water aid crew back and manning the loo’s I thanked everyone I saw for the job they did. Lest we forget 2017 was the year of the private contractor who were absolute dog shit at the job they were paid for. I’ll never get why blokes would choose a long drop, but time after time some Glastonbury goers prove often logic makes no sense!
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