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  1. Ordered one of these from Amazon just in case. Simples. £129.75
  2. So I’m out walking the pooch this morning with On the Beach on Spotify. All of a sudden the songs are listed as unavailable. Log out/ back in all the albums gone. is this just me or as he actually gone and carried out the threat?
  3. Any day with a "new" Pavement track is a good day. With an expanded Terror Twilight to follow...
  4. Aaahh..so you dont count the Gladiator episode? Thats my favourite one. And its not being petty. Its IMPORTANT
  5. Hope so. Been weeks since the last one
  6. This. IF Springsteen/ RATM have cancelled its probably logistics. If band/ key crew members test positive half way through a tour what do you do?
  7. Springsteen European Tour looks like its off for 2022 with ongoing Covid uncertainty. Only rumours (which is all the proposed dates ever were really), but being widely quoted across the Bruce forums.
  8. Singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight is only ever a whim away
  9. Not sure this should be in Good News. They're continuing to Tour
  10. Low - Hey What Frank Zappa - The Last US Show Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Carnage Sault - Nine Charles Lloyd and the Marvels - Tone Poem Johnathan Blake - Homeward Bound Makaya McCraven - Delivering the Message Parquet Courts - Sympathy for Life Houston Person - Live in Paris Mdou Moctar - Afrique Victime
  11. Well thank you. All I hear is Betty Davis Eyes now
  12. Oooooooh William Rees-Mogg.... Not sure..
  13. Springsteen also got a new live album out tomorrow. Plenty for him to talk about with old Graeme without going anywhere near tour dates. Greasy Lake's source is a friend of an A&R person isnt it. So its tenuous at best. Not booking the Milan hotel just yet
  14. Internet chatter mostly on the fan chat rooms. Nothing substantial. Theres a post from a French website: https://hey-alex.fr/actu/bruce-springsteen-concert-stade-de-france-juin-2022-zegut-tournee-stade-europe-2022/?fbclid=IwAR2e1ezUUqvmnauSIntJfY4ucJQgv3iOMWWROj-MUAfRQivI5qqmEfO50QI referencing Paris in June - but its got no substance Springsteen himself said a few days ago in a German TV interview he will be playing Germany in 2022. But he says that stuff all the time.
  15. Both ours been going with us since they were 7 and 10 respectively. Still going now with us now theyre 23 and 26. Slightly more independent nowadays
  16. Some times Ive got through and loved an audiobook I've tried reading in print and struggled with. An example was Suttree by Cormac McCarthy. Tried it two or three time times in print and found it slow and turgid. The quality of the reading I suspect really brought it to life and I loved it when I "audibled" it
  17. so bloody funny. A staple in our loo. Sometimes hear house guests giggling in there when they've picked it up
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/09/southgates-team-represents-real-england-three-lions-unites-country Positivity. Love it
  19. You bloody better. You and @gooner1990 are the Talismen on this. Im seeing a direct correlation with you being at Wembley and us winning.
  20. Penalty or no penalty, better team won
  21. ….just as long as it doesn’t go to penalties
  22. Featuring the plaintive ditty "Another Piece of Meat" if I remember rightly.
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