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  1. They seem to have printed the poster for 2007 by mistake
  2. No - best chance for a No Deal is let both the votes fail.
  3. How does it work in somewhere like John Lewis? (Genuine question)
  4. A tax by another name. Hasn't John McD said employees wouldn't be allowed to sell the shares? Not fully thought out by any stretch it seems to me
  5. Good riddance. Hasn’t been Labour for years. 40’s and 50’s was Bevan, Crosland, Castle, Foot and the rest.I see little of his prattling that has anything that resonates with them.
  6. Ah yes. And they only had six hair washing stations. are we a third world country now?
  7. Tell me you didn't pay £70 to use separate toilets
  8. Theresa getting down with her bad self in SA: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-45329910/theresa-may-dons-her-dancing-shoes-in-sa Her milkshake really does bring all the boys to the yard
  9. Is Stone imminent? That WILL be enjoyable. He's a little shit of the highest order. That'll cause ructions in the GOP. Got his sticky little fingers in lots of pies
  10. The mid-terms could be a cracking night. Going to come down to who gets the vote out. No matter how badly they go though there won’t be a majority in the Senate big enough to impeach. Unlikely the constitution allows inditement of a sitting President outside impeachment. So we’re left with the GOP abandoning him because he crosses some moral line. which won’t happen whilst the economy is going gangbusters. Which will also mean a significant part of the vote base stays with him. i still think this will limp on until 2020. Then we might get him to stand down which for fucks sake gives Mike Pence a run at it.
  11. If this is the truth its the final straw for me. https://southendnewsnetwork.net/news/new-corbyn-row-as-source-confirms-labour-leader-had-curry-with-skeletor-in-1991a/
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