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  1. 2007 was worse than 2005. 2005 was apocalyptic foe one night. 2007 just pissed it down for all three days
  2. CQC? This has been ongoing for months now. There has been ample opportunity to define, collate and release effective figures. A delay to give smaller homes time to respond yes - ongoing fudging and obfuscation absolutely not
  3. It's a News item on the Rammstein website
  4. But many many people who are struggling through self isolation will have been cheered up by her saying it. Absolutely on board with the anachronistic nature of monarchy, but in these absolutely shit times if it brings comfort to people than all power to it.
  5. They're not paid to be working without adequate protection, which is what NHS staff are currently being asked to do. Sounds pretty frontline to me
  6. Not sure arguing who's the more frontline is helpful. If you're keeping people on the road at the mo, you're alright in my book. I'd buy either of you a pint
  7. If there’s any good to come from this (and right now that’s hard to see) it’s that it encourages and grows the Implemetation of local community solutions to problems. if it encourages local groups responding to issues in their immediate vicinity that might be a good thing.
  8. This thread needs shutting down. It’s offering nobody anything. were talking about a 5 day mad weekend here. Not (for fucks sake) the blitz. anybody on here want to talk about the best way of finding out who’s struggling around where they live and what’s the best way you might be able to Help them?
  9. Sorry OP is having this hassle. Used them last year for End of The Road. Initially cheap - but then an endless stream of additional costs kept getting added. Then took until November to get the deposit back. theres been plenty of advice on here over the years about being wary who you hire from. Wish I’d listened to them really..
  10. This happened to us. We never saw the confirmation page. We've already had the confirmation email. Dont give up - check those emails.
  11. An optimistic weather post from Nal? i need a sit down...
  12. Metoffice long range looking good to me. As if forecasts at this stage is any use. Got back yesterday from Green Man. I use Dark Sky on my phone and its forecast was changing every bloody hour from Saturday onwards.
  13. and Tiny Rebel need to re-think the number of barrels they send to festivals. Had run out before we got to them. Nightmare
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