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  1. wirralchris

    YNOT Festival 2018

    I'd love to see Frank Carter and the rattlesnakes get another crack of the whip after we missed out on the Sunday last year.
  2. wirralchris

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    Looks like an attempt to salvage some reputation, I still genuinely don't believe it was that bad there!
  3. wirralchris

    Y Not Festival 2017

    Why would they refund 100%? You had almost two thirds of the festival.
  4. wirralchris

    Y Not Festival 2017

    Been going to festivals for 30 years now and can honestly say that I've seen much worse conditions at others, Can't understand why the plug was pulled on this one. Yes, it was muddy, but if you were prepared for it, the mud was no problem. Seems like the type of people complaining are the ones that expect to have their arses wiped for them all weekend because they have forked out an extra £20 for a VIP ticket. The chaos added to the fun for me. No complaints whatsoever from me, other than missing the Sunday acts
  5. wirralchris

    Y Not Festival 2017

    My Gazebo in Kashmir camping! Bring weed.
  6. wirralchris

    Y Not Festival 2017

    A couple of hip flasks full of your favourite spirit and buy your cold mixers from the food stalls always works out cheaper
  7. wirralchris

    Y Not Festival 2017

    PM'd you mate.
  8. wirralchris

    Y Not Festival 2017

    You're right, but these are genuine.
  9. wirralchris

    Y Not Festival 2017

    Selling 2 adult tix with car parking and Thursday entry if anybody is looking. Face value, Selling on behalf of a friend who can no longer go
  10. wirralchris

    Y Not Festival 2017

    Was hoping The Quarry was an open air stage this year, Looks like that's not so.
  11. wirralchris

    Y Not Festival 2017

    There is indeed. I found a cheeky little 7% cider last year that was flowing like water all weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed it but had to check into rehab when I got home!
  12. wirralchris

    I've said it ! It's too hot

    Is that the red heads claiming their spot for their idol Ed?
  13. wirralchris

    "Really big secret"

    It might not be a band announcement! I heard a rumour that the hybrid air vehicle will be flying over the festival site during the weekend. It's really big.
  14. wirralchris

    Most viewed Glastonbury videos

    Chas n Dave would have nailed the Sunday that year after Mr Beyonce's awful attempt at a headline slot the night before!
  15. wirralchris

    Who's Touring Around Glastonbury 2017?

    Highly likely I reckon, It's a solo tour though so it wouldn't be Pearl Jam. He'd definitely make a good headliner on his own for the acoustic atleast. Maybe even West Holts. He's very pally with Dave Grohl too, so you never know.

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