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  1. 2 hours ago, MeMeMeM said:

    I also bought my tickets two weeks ago, Lisbon/Barcelona/Lisbon with TAP. 150 € (for me and my wife), including one piece of checked luggage. Great deal. There is a risk? Yes, certainly. But is a risk that I would be able to afford.

    Hotel is also booked with a total refundable rate, and tickets were bought in July 2019, so...it will feel like a "free" trip, since the most expensive part of the trip is already paid.

    I did contemplate that route myself! Im sure there was an early morning flight from Barca that gave you like a 10 hour layover in Lisbon, more than enough time to have a mooch in the city.

    I was starting to get worried about the trip to be honest, as when i last looked at direct flights i was getting prices of around £300, which would have sadly ended my hopes of going. 

    Cant wait to go now, been wanting to go for years but never managed it 🙂 

  2. Just booked my flights - direct return for £170. 

    Just a heads up in case anyone else was having trouble, i noticed that Skyscanner doesn't bring up Girona or Reus even after selecting "Add nearby airports". Thankfully i had a play around on Ryanair as i had some vouchers for Christmas and noticed direct flights from Rues to Manchester.

    Return flight is also at 21:35 from Reus, so got a full day of relaxing in the sun before heading home to the inevitable rain. 

    Flights and Accom now sorted - Excitement is starting to rise 🙂

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  3. 19 minutes ago, incident said:

    I have, a while ago.

    I'm not sure of the exact number of places available but it'll be fairly low - the last few years it's been one of the first festivals to fill, and usually within an hour or so of priority applications opening.

    Thought as much. Shame because its one ive wanted to give a go for ages. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, Nesser said:

    Don't know who is headlining and who is not, just based on last year's poster and assuming Liam is returning.

    Lori Meyers
    Circa Waves
    La La Love You
    The Hunna
    Joel Corry
    Tom Greenan
    Viva Suecia
    Miss Cafeina
    Becky Hill
    Carolina Durante
    La Habitación Roja
    Sea Girls
    Declan McKenna
    La M.O.D.A.
    Tom Walker
    Lost Frequencies
    Love of Lesbian
    The Kooks
    Steve Aoki
    Two Door Cinema Club

    Im hoping none of these are headlining and they're being held back for the poster drop.... 

    Two Door and Kasabian could be joint headliners for one night, i suppose?

  5. 1 hour ago, Nesser said:

    They stole from a forum where we posted the list of artists. I guess FIB asked them to take it down but the list is sill on 🙂 Kasabian and TDCC will be headlining plus Liam, Armin Van Buuren, Aoki and so on. Similar to 2020.

    Could you post the list in here.

    Surely theres got to be a few more big names? Vampire weekend, Libertines are Foals were on the last poster. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, gfa said:

    I hate the idea that later tiers are effectively subsidising early tiers.

    Has the crowd changed much since 2012? You should definitely look at Sziget or Mad Cool/NOS, all warm country festivals with much more diverse lineups. Sziget especially is very international too, its like Benicassim but way bigger, although comes with a price tag thats way higher I guess. Hungary is nice and cheap though, £2 pints inside 🙂 

    I’ve been them all! Sziget was absolutely fantastic, as you’ve mentioned definitely a greater international fee that beni. Nos alive was great but a nightmare navigating round the site when the bands were on, felt the size was too small for the amount of people, and Mad Cool was just an organisational shambles, vowed never to return! Also both the latter have no camping which is still the main buzz for me at a festival! 

    One thing that’s beni is a clear winner is logistics. The festival runs smoothly every year and this is something I’ve started to appreciate more the older I’ve got! Never had any issues with queues, missing bands, bottlenecks in crowd etc. Campsite to main area with a cheap litre of beer in your hand within 10 minutes - pure festival utopia 

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  7. 31 minutes ago, gfa said:

    Benicassims a weird one, i'd say quite similar to Sziget in that lots of people come from abroad but with a loss leader pricing structure. What i will say is tiers are a load of bullshit imo, nobody knows how many tickets are in each tier and how festivals use them varies a lot from event to event.

    Yep, tier structures are an absolute joke, they definitely play into peoples fears of festivals selling out soon, only to release another 6 tiers (check out lost village for this)

    On the subject of overseas attendees and crowd, I’ve definitely noticed the difference since I first went back in 2012, and I’m anticipating an even more notable difference this time round with new owners. My music taste has changed dramatically since back then, so the lineup doesn’t really appeal to me much anymore more, but it’s the only way as a group we can organise and agree on a “group holiday”. 

  8. Competition to win one of 25 pairs of tickets


    Seems an unusual high number of tickets to give out? Do feel there's something strange going on. Announcing its sold out all over its website and then having numerous raffles does play into the 'private party' approach they may be going for (as someone else mentioned on here)

    For all we know they may have not sold even half the full capacity, but little ploys like this definitely help foster an exclusive feel and will only encourage others to try and get their hands on these golden tickets! 

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  9. 7 hours ago, gfa said:

    Lockdown came in March, with people being put off from February. Thats around 4 months where sales weren't being made - so I wouldn't say 2020 is a good year to go off.

    From what I can remember though they didn’t even sell out the second tier by then, which was still way down in the list of tiers being offered?

    From experiencing sell outs when the price was 140 euros I think I was kinda expecting it to be sold out way before the festival was to start. 

  10. 4 hours ago, fraybentos1 said:

    I think it seems to be part of their business plan. I would expect them to be very cheap again. Guarantee a sell out, extra if you want camping and then try rinse the sell out crows at bars etc 

    Right you are! Websites just been updated again

    General Admission; 40 euros

    VIP: 80 euros

    Camping; 25 euros


  11. 5 minutes ago, abcdeffion said:

    I’d hope for at least a week before, nothing worse than trying to sort out ticket finances the day before they’re on sale! 

    Good spot on the new website, just noticed that if you click on 'lineup' they have a date of the 25th October, whereas the 'ticket' page says 10th November! 

    Which means we're getting the lineup on Monday!!! 

  12. Just now, fraybentos1 said:

    I think it seems to be part of their business plan. I would expect them to be very cheap again. Guarantee a sell out, extra if you want camping and then try rinse the sell out crows at bars etc 

    Could be! It didnt sell out for 2020 though i dont think, so there's potential for them to change it up this time round.

    I was pretty happy with the Beni lineup in 2020 considering it was only 40 euros, mind you. However saying that i'd take an increase in ticket price if it correlated into a few more stand-out, big-name bands that used to be common place back 5 or so years ago - Killers, Blur, QOTSA, New Order, Florence & The Machine ect. 

    With tickets on sale 3 weeks tomorrow when are we expecting the line-up to drop? Week before? Day before?

  13. 51 minutes ago, fraybentos1 said:

    Would expect foals and LG back, Maybe biffy, think they were rumoured last time. That alone justifies the cheap ticket price imo 

    Are we expecting another cheap ticket price? Ive always assumed they returned the money (or at-least they said they did) because that was just a first year introductory offer which wouldn't be made again?

    Im half expecting 100 euros a ticket this time round, which is still considerably cheaper than what the UK offers.

  14. 1 hour ago, incident said:

    I think there's most definitely a chance of that.

    SGP seem to actively curate their "exclusive club" mythos, for example with the application form questions.. so engineering a situation where they sell out early and then "invite" more in would be very much on-brand.

    Now I've got no idea whether that's what they've actually done or not, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

    Surely they don't have a strong enough pull to sell 35k tickets within an hour or so of a 6am sale? Thats whats stumping me. 

    Anyway, yours seems a reasonable proposition to me - heres hoping it comes true!


  15. Becoming more annoyed each day that i was priced out of this due to a lack of payment plan. Just had a look at the website though and noticed this...

    To register for further ticket releases and ticket returns for SGP ’22, please enter your full name belowThis question is required.

    Further ticket releases sounds as if they've got more planned? Must admit i was shocked to see that around 35k tickets sold out within an hour for a sale that started at 6am. Is there any chance they didn't put them all on sale? Would there be any incentive for them to do this? Definitely feels like i'm clutching at straws here 😞 

  16. Superbock Superrock - same weekend as Beni - has just announced Foals. 

    They've shared a few acts in the past, and with Foals being on the 2019 lineup, i wouldn't be surprised to see them back! 

    Can anyone else remember what other festivals Beni used to share acts with?

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