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  1. Yeah that would be wicked!
  2. Dunno... But as long as it doesn't put my ticket price up, I don't mind
  3. You never know, it could drop tomorrow! He'll play a few extras, I think. He's bought Through The Wire and All Falls Down back... Then you could also get some WTT songs if Jay Z fancies turning up... You've got All Day, Wolves and Only One to add to it... And wouldn't bet against McCartney and Rihanna turning up for FourFiveSeconds! That's about 5-7 potential songs to add to it! He played until about 3am at Koko. I was up for work at 5:30 the next day haha! I didn't think that he would maybe do that until you said it, but I think it's possible. As far as I'm aware, the festival has no legal sound curfew, and they wouldn't wanna pull the plug and go all red-faced like Hard Rock Calling with Springsteen + McCartney! Just tell them not to pin their hopes on Gold Digger. He hates it... But does pop it out every so often.
  4. Tesco still have 3 for 2 on suncream/aftersun/etc I've gone with: Sun cream: http://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=259076599 After sun: http://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=250516508 And there's one more that I can't see on the website, but it's a clear aerosol spray for taking about in the day.
  5. Probably... But I wouldn't completely give up until the day comes!
  6. Wasn't there a sale a day or two before a few years ago? People picked their tickets up from a box office or something
  7. Yeah, mine's gone back to no event now. Something could be happening...
  8. Something is happening! There was an alert last night... Now, when you go on here (http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2015/worthy-farm/850002) it takes you to the holding page! Time to get hopes up again?
  9. Could you try one of the old luggage/trolley tricks?
  10. I can't find a direct link... But does anyone have the BBC video from last year with a bunch of performers going "GLASTONBURYYYYYYYYYY"? That got my hype up last year!
  11. It's been quiet for a while now, unfortunately
  12. https://twitter.com/EE EE are running a competition on Twitter. You have to guess where they buried their 'treasure'. You get 3 tries a day. Runs all week until Friday, and you are notified at 10am the next day if you win.
  13. Official new name for secret resales.
  14. None of mine do. Just same as normal.
  15. I saw the message mate... To be fair, she did say "5pmish", so nobody has a reason to give up yet. Nobody will look down on you though mate. You just gave us information you had. Thanks mate
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