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  1. Essex_George

    Taylor Swift

    Will you be outside the Radio 1 studios waiting to catch a glimpse of her?
  2. That's the one. I filled it out for him but not sure my answers will really help.
  3. You should head over to the Headliners thread on the Glastonbury forum, there has been a cracking survey request just posted.
  4. Interpol at the roundhouse in a couple of weeks. Also tempted with first aid kit, haven't listened to that much of them but like what I've heard so far.
  5. Hadn't even thought about the issues involving going to the toilet whilst wearing them! I thought the trend of these things would of died off by now, unfortunately it doesn't look like it.
  6. If I see another c@nt in their Christmas onesie on Facebook I will end it all!!
  7. Essex_George

    T day

    Got through on 4g and got 6 tickets. After entering all registration details page timed out, hit back and then proceed all OK. Same happened at payment screen but went through second time. No email yet but checked ref number online and all looks good.
  8. Essex_George

    T day

    Oh so that's what the booking page looks like, never been close to getting on it before
  9. It is on top of the boiler at the moment, been there a couple of days. Seen online about some magic solution that fixes 90% of water damaged phones (it's not magic it just removes the minerals that the water leaves behind which stops the phone from working). Might give that a go as it's only £12, it can't make it any worse!
  10. I recently got a new phone, just managed to get it all set up to how I wanted it and at the weekend managed to somehow drop it in a sink full of water. It was only in the water for a second and I turned off straight away, put it in rice overnight to dry out as suggested online but it is still dead
  11. I'm with with you on this. 90% of the time I am happy to stand there and let the escalator do the work, but when I want to rush down them these idiots need to move.
  12. Don't have any problems on my android phone.
  13. Take it you haven't seen this thread on the Glastonbury page! http://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/184054-i-dont-want-mac-keeper/
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