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  1. Forgive my ignorance but what was the Sun City appearance (a gig i'm guessing?) and why should Queen be apologising for it?
  2. Surely the registration number would take this out?
  3. Bad memory is the main answer to be honest. Was hoping on the off chance someone on here was in the same field and might be able to help.
  4. Spoken to a few others and we think it might be Huntmas field??
  5. I'm sure this has been posted somewhere but i cant for the life of me find it. I'm trying to get some more info on a staff camping field - Name, access times, and more specifically car access times. Its just off site, on Pyle Road sort of oposite Tom's field - See pic. We camped there for the first time and notice alot of people had there cars by their tents or camper vans so was wondering when you can get access as they closed Pyle Road sometime Tuesday night it think?
  6. we used these guys for our wristbands. https://www.idcband.com/
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    Winter is coming
  8. watsonjm


    This, very much this!
  9. watsonjm


    Steanbow Farm? Not on the ME land then. Or do they own Steanbow farm?
  10. watsonjm

    2020 Dates

    I'm fairly sure it will 24th-29th?? but thought i'd double check the general consensus before booking gig tickets for the 20th.
  11. Billie Jo was there this year watching his son. Rumored to be releasing new music soon. Would love it to be them. Personally think they could headline. This would be amazing!
  12. Did anyone find Linda's loaf? Spent ages wondering round looking to no avail!
  13. Found this with a lot of bars this year. To much space taken with stages and dance floors, not enough bar space.
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    Do we know if the pier is staying or will they take the whole thing down?
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    Very much this
  16. watsonjm

    The Killers

    Massive Killers fan here, have watched them live in venues of various sizes over the last 10 years or so For me that was one of the best Killers sets I’ve seen. Loved every minute, and was lucky to be here with 3 old mates that love them aswell. IMO Brandon Flowers has developed into a fantastic front man. My main worry was they’d play to much off Wonderful Wonderful which is mostly average but it was banger after banger. Makes up for the sound mess up in 07. Would happily have them back again in a few years after another album. “When tonight is over I don’t want you to say we got away with it. We want you to say Those are the Sons of Bitches who did it!” and boy did they!
  17. Anyone found Linders loaf? Thought it was normally near green peace but can’t find it. In Avalon atm.
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    Always round about the same price. Big thing is they run out of the major brands quick. As someone as else mentioned might be better with co-op being there this year.
  19. Signing off as i'm leaving for the Farm first thing, its been a pleasure. Hope everyone has an amazing week
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    Pangea lite up tonight
  21. watsonjm

    EPO bands

    Would be easier if everywhere accepted cards. Best of both worlds
  22. Sign up with a different email address for next year
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