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  1. watsonjm


    Always round about the same price. Big thing is they run out of the major brands quick. As someone as else mentioned might be better with co-op being there this year.
  2. Signing off as i'm leaving for the Farm first thing, its been a pleasure. Hope everyone has an amazing week
  3. watsonjm


    Pangea lite up tonight
  4. watsonjm

    EPO bands

    Would be easier if everywhere accepted cards. Best of both worlds
  5. Sign up with a different email address for next year
  6. I'm 02 and have to use it as well.
  7. Thank you set up and working. Just hope it holds out for the duration.
  8. Will there any more test tweets before the festival? I've re checked Zapier and all seems to be in order. I travel down tomorrow so wont be able to make many changes
  9. Its this week! ITS THIS WEEK PEOPLE!!!! Too much coffee this morning I think! I'm positively giddy with excitement
  10. watsonjm


    Still tents in public camping as well
  11. watsonjm


    I thought this. Fair few about as well
  12. Yep make that mistake only once.
  13. Has another test tweet gone out? Zapier just emailed me saying my zap isn’t working. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.
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