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  1. watsonjm


    Elaborate 2021 headliner reveal?
  2. watsonjm


    Dont think it was used as the weather stayed OK enough. I guess the presenters may have hid in there between the little bits on air.
  3. watsonjm


    No messing around clearing the site. As nice as it was to see the farm over the weekend i cant help but feel it was an awful lot of effort and stuff for not very much air time.
  4. watsonjm

    BBC Glastonbury

    Never understood the fuss about them and this isn't doing anything to change that. Each to there own though.
  5. watsonjm

    BBC Glastonbury

    Confused now. I though it was Glasto Experience Live at 8:30 tonight? Admittedly i'm basing this entirely on the Secret Glasto message i got last night but still?
  6. watsonjm


    Can any find any more on this? cant see anything? Never mind found it. Surprised to be honest as surely goes against keeping people away
  7. watsonjm


    Just links, nothing else at all, nothing to see here, move along
  8. watsonjm


    Looks like two Tipis going up
  9. watsonjm


    A lot of generators
  10. watsonjm


    It would but i should think it would also lead to a lot of people seeing it on the telly and taking that as permission to all pile down there
  11. watsonjm


    Looks like a lot going on. If it is the BBC it would seem a lot of effort and outlay given there is nothing actually happening.
  12. watsonjm


    I would guess the cost of getting the cranes in twice a year to move it. If i remember correctly they had a small fleet of very big machines to get it up the first time
  13. Thank you both for this. I had always assumed lots of paths given the farms seemed comfortable with people visiting in normal circumstances.
  14. Not condoning peoples actions or why GFL don't want people on/around the site but aren't there public footpaths and bridle ways criss crossing the site? Never looked at it in any details just from the way people talk on here over the years make it sounds as though there was.
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