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  1. After seeing the newer and better forecast, I picked up a new igloo cool box and I made my sunhat! *I’m aware I’ve maybe angered the weather gods ?
  2. lexlogic

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    For those of you who, like me suffer cold feet at night, even with socks...? Heat pads for pain make a decent hot water bottle to slip into your sleeping bag. They’re particularly good when you can’t get hold of hot water at that time of night. The poundshop do their version too, so a cheap solution to an annoying problem. ??
  3. I’d certainly agree with that and given what is in our local branch I don’t think there’s an argument to suggest that they’ve been ethically made either.
  4. I understand why they’re saying this, though it’s a little late in the day. As a separate thought, are they going to ban traders from selling plastic rain ponchos? You know the thin, crappy ones which pretty much tear as soon as they’re opened?
  5. Aaah thank you Wingnut! On the basis of what you’ve both said, I better get myself another powerbank!
  6. Aaah thanks so much Smash! Its all a bit of a mystery to me this year, so all input is welcomed. Guess I’m going to have to see if we can head towards Gate B to drop me first and work something out on the way home.
  7. Hi all! First time in Tangerine Fields for me, having stayed in WV previously. I have a few questions: Do TF campers get another wristband? Is there a lock up to charge powerbanks at TF? Is the hill walk to TF as awful as WV? (Gotta get myself mentally ready for that! ?) I’m arriving with others who are staying in WV, which is the opposite side of the site. Do you know if there is a shuttle bus that could get me from WV to or near TF? Thanks
  8. Yeh the reviews seem to suggest it’s a ball ache to put together. I’m gonna have a test run today and spray a bit of WD40 at the ends. Hopefully that speeds things up.
  9. Halfords have camping beds for £10 at the minute. Worth a punt for the price. ? Camping bed
  10. lexlogic

    Staying up

    Maybe you can make a pre-mix bottle of espresso martini? The combination of the coffee, Kahlua plus sugar sends me west! ?
  11. Home & Bargain have 4 x 500ml cans for £5.99, making 24 cans/12 litres =£35.94. A decent deal to keep an eye out for. ?
  12. lexlogic

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Ask the hoverers....??
  13. lexlogic

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    One for the germaphobes.... There are times when only a sit down dump will do, so I always pack a small pump action spray bottle of eco-friendly antibacterial spray. Giving the loo a wipe before and after makes that type of game of thrones a little easier to bear. ??
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