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  1. The last 8 finalists have been announced. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/emerging-talent-competition-2020-finalists-announced/
  2. Tosses saw fit to light BBQs in the Spike area and then leave their crap there too.
  3. They should have put the pier up and sold ice creams on Sunday there were that many people there.
  4. My mantra of what happens on the farm stays on the farm was really to protect me 😉 When students first net me I wasn't cool as I taught maths. Once they found out I went to more gigs/ festivals than they had put together they decided I was ok and would regularly discuss new bands etc with me. I taught them to appreciate good music and not the radio 1 pap they had been fed.
  5. I used to be a secondary school teacher. My pupils used to joke about moving in with me to get their free ticket. We would joke that what goes on on the farm, stays on the farm. Those that I saw actually at Glastonbury would smile and walk on by, not say a word. However, a year after I left teaching, I was down the pit of the main stage taking photos. This was a local festival not GF. A security guard tapped me on my shoulder. I was thinking " surely it's not time to leave yet, we've not had the agreed 3 songs?" He pointed to the crowd. The front row was made up of my year 11 tutor group pupils all waving and smiling. I took some photos of them which they wanted me to. We had a chat, it was nice to see them.
  6. Really enjoying Sodajerker. Thank you to whoever recommended that one. Johnny Marr accompanied me on my run today.
  7. Beatherder has cancelled until 2021
  8. And beatherder, that’s July.
  9. Done it now. Wouldn’t work on my phone but ok on the ipad
  10. deebeedoobee


    The trailers are holding up a wire fence to keep the cows in the area they want. There is work going on in the field so they want to keep them safely out the way
  11. Hi Marie. Willing to do the survey but the link doesn't work.
  12. I've seen so many people recommend My Dad Wrote a Porno. So I tried it and I just don't get it. Banal drivel. But then what would life be like if we all liked the same thing. I like some of the 15 minute dramas on BBC sounds.
  13. Please stay at home and saves lives. If rules are still in place we in Pilton would not welcome people from outside the village coming to visit the site. There are already people driving and parking around the lanes. They are not villagers and it is not essential travel. If they had any respect for Michael and the Eavii they wouldn’t do this.
  14. Thank you to everyone for your kind words. Having had the privilege of sharing our house with lots of dogs over the years we know this part is the most painful. Slightly more difficult as it was so fast and, although he was a big dog, he was still not elderly. but we have great memories and the chew marks on the stairs. And of course he will live on as part of the “state of the ground” flag which will fly again at festivals next year.
  15. *****Sad post alert**** I’m sorry to have to let everyone know, Big Dog has left Pilton to join the dog pack in the sky. We are completely devastated. He has made his last weather and ground report here on Earth, where he worked hard, but was rewarded with biscuits. Next he will now enjoy eating rabbit shit, rolling in fox poo and being a generally huge doofus on his next journey. RIP Big Dog. 😥
  16. Was a great evening. The " couple of local bands" you mention were actually winners if a national competition. They were Sam Richardson &the renegade from Cornwall and Pattern Pusher from Exeter ( recommend people look these guys up). Shame this year will probably/ definitely not go ahead. Have heard a rumour of the headliners and they would have been great fun. Ah well 2021 will be just as good I'm sure.
  17. The well is dry and sprouting vegetation. The ground is rock hard and the farm is so dusty. Looks like the cows will be in the pyramid field soon as the fencing is going up. Coop is being built as I type. Was going to be ready for June but I’m not sure what their timeframe is now.
  18. But keep at it and in a month you will be doing that 10km in less time. After all what else is there we could be doing 😀 seriously, I find that running at a lower HR means I can run every day rather than having to take a day off because I’m knackered. Also I’ve had no running related injuries since starting this. once you’ve been training using your HR you are able to tell when you might be run down/ not quite running on all cylinders because your HR will be higher than you expect for that pace. It’s really interesting once you are in tune with it all.
  19. Yep I do this. I follow the maffetone method. Done it for 10 months or so. At first I thought " how can this improve my pace when I'm hardly moving?" But after about 4 months I went out and my pace improved by a good 0.5 min per mile. My heart rate was so much lower too which meant that I could run much further. Stamina was much improved. My pace in my HR range has got quicker so it's less of a plod. Overall my general fitness has improved no end. Just gotta keep with it. People think you've got to run faster and harder all the time to get fitter and the further and faster you run, the fitter you are, but its not true. Look at their average heart rate during exercise. That will indicate fitness.
  20. I won’t send it to you in case it’s infected. 😉
  21. Just google Dome house, windermere. It’s the first thing to pop up.
  22. Hiya, we are so grateful to all our Marshall’s, so thank you. Yes , it would be awesome to do this unfortunately we have been asked by the farm to run the event every other year. So 2021 is the next time we can hold the event. mind you, after all the restrictions are lifted, I’m sure Pilton Digger and I can stand on the start/ finish line and cheer you through. I could even arrange for Big Dog to chase you around the course although he would no doubt give up at the first sign of rabbit poo.
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