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  1. 1) Janelle Monae 2) Fontaines DC (JP if I need to pick one set, although great at all 4) 3) Kate Tempest
  2. "you see that big bollard on the hill over there? That's a really good reference point to get you back to your tent when you're off your tits at 6 in the morning" Reducing the proud history of Glastonbury Tor to a compass for the smashed in one short sentence.
  3. Dziekanowski

    Resale Club 2019

    That's the same record for me, went for the first time in 1997 and have been lucky enough to not miss a year since. We didn't get a sniff in October with 8 of us trying, but luckily with only 2 trying tonight and a lot less places available, I got through straight away and got on our first choice of the first coach out of Bristol. Feeling extremely lucky and relieved, and best of luck to everyone trying on Sunday.
  4. I've not really heard anything since they released the second album, but When You Were Young... That little bit of drumming at the beginning that sounds like a clap of thunder, that just gets me every time
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