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  1. Anyone here staying in Love Fields? My band Morganway are playing a set on the stage there Thursday night 11pm ish... I'm trying to stop everyone else claiming we're "playing Glastonbury"... we're neeearly playing glastonbury, hopefully will make it inside the fence next year! I'll be dashing off to Tootard and Onipa on The Truth Stage straight after... very glad we're not playing Fri/Sat/Sun so we don't clash with anything proper good!
  2. actionstations


    ARC Bar I reckon... usually that shape innit
  3. Mavericks stage added to the lineup (latenight in the poetry & words tent)
  4. Few more stages added to lineup... Cineramageddon, Black Lamp Hub, Bread & Roses, Tolpuddle & Village Inn
  5. 2 country-ish acts (other than Ferris & Sylvester) my band's shared a stage with in the last year or so: Wildwood Kin on Croissant Neuf Friday 3pm Jake Morrell on Bimble Inn Sunday 5pm then somehow on Mandala Stage 6pm... no idea how he'll make that slot, haha
  6. Absolutely essential to help cope and get me into gear on the Sunday... seen him every year since 2010, highly recommended. I would say Carnival Collective but they’re not there this year.
  7. jealousy level dangerously high!
  8. ahhhh I definitely shouldn't have looked at the lineup for 2017 (when I couldn't get a tickets) Girl Ray, Lemon Twigs, Whitney, King Gizzard and Dr Dog?! ahhhh man so good! My crows nest highlight is prob Stornoway in 2013, that was bloody lovely
  9. Pretty much nailed down, shame about the Janelle / Christine clash on sunday... Fri - Tame Impala Sat - Cat Empire Sun - Janelle Monae very pleased with these, nice and balanced!
  10. actionstations


    second arm of crane is up... absolutely massive! The spider was 20 metres tall. The Pyramid stage is 30 metres tall. The arcadia crane will be 50 metres tall... it's gonna be terrifying being under that thing, haha
  11. loads of circus stuff just added, including the Outside Circus stage - always up for more New York Brass Band and Perhaps Contraption
  12. I think the Heds Party headphones were £15ish deposit last time. Park silent disco is free tho as it's self contained in a tent so you can't walk off with the headphones. Heds one usually has 3 different DJ channels - see the 2017 lineup here for what they did last time https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/line-up/line-up-2017/?stage#hedspartyinsonic
  13. I've got it going - was all over posting any changes last time I went in 2016... this time round I'm a bit too busy (11 gigs with my band, a stag do, a party to DJ and plenty of day-job work) to create and maintain a thread with all changes updated whenever they happen, which is about four times a day at the moment... mostly spelling / timing errors and very slight changes to stages lower down the lineup at the moment. If anyone wants to have a crack at running a Lineup Changes thread, I recommend the Distill chrome addon... you can set it to check up to every five seconds (if you're completely obsessed) and you can get it to make a terrifying bird sound effect whenever there's a change https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/distill-web-monitor/inlikjemeeknofckkjolnjbpehgadgge?hl=en
  14. actionstations


    christ that's a big mother
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