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  1. mm_zg

    Sziget 2014

    They are checking the wristbands often while walking through the area! And they are not easy to take off, I've never seen a lost usable wristband. I think you should stay just until the next morning. Don't be desperate, when I was at Sziget for the first time I also had a one day ticket and it was quite enough to make it unforgettable :-)
  2. mm_zg

    Sziget 2014

    Oh yeah. I've just found their policy. "...services are the same as in the case of a Sziget Weekly Pass for the given days, with the exception of Sziget not guaranteeing a tent-place." Great
  3. mm_zg

    Sziget 2014

    Hey guys! If I have tickets for 2 concesutive days and I want to camp, do I have to pay something for camping or I just need day tickets?

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