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    Trying to reconcile the contradictions that form my character, for example I am a leather shoe'd vegetarian who loves the taste of cheap fishless fishcake and meaty gravy. Trying not to be a capitalist but loving ebay. Being the person that the weirdos always talk to on the bus.Writing. Pole dancing. The beauty within the chaos. Air hockey, ballet, contemporary dance, walking, writing, yoga, Glastonbury, singing, dreaming, knitting. Learning languages. Anarchism, self-sufficiency, cake, tea, charity shops, second hand book shops, live music, live comedy, festivals, herbal tea, dreaming about one day living on a boat.<br />My day job is an editor for a software company but I'm also a freelance writer, copywriter and editor, a freelance Swedish Massage therapist, a part time music tutor for children and I also help organize a one-day free festival in Cambridge.
  1. Me and the man, the BooBoo, went to the Black Cat Cafe on Mill Road in Cambridge for a smoothie and some cake. Cambridge was very humid and we were sweating lots and lots!