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  1. GlastoSimon

    Liam Gallagher

    Not much of a conspiracy here if you ask me. The album has a selection of songs on it which are far superior to anything Beady Eye did. He made a few high profile appearances this summer (including One Love on TV, R&L) which seemed quite successful. The irony is, Liam's output has got better since Beady Eye split and if Noel's new single is anything to go by his is getting worse! Be interesting to see what his album is like.
  2. GlastoSimon

    Brexit Schmexit

    Back at where Cameron was pre-referendum basically then. Whether the EU is willing to listen on ideas along the lines of FoM numbers being applied on a country by country basis etc. is another matter. Not convinced they are. Coming straight out of the SM/CU is a disaster, assuming it still happens.
  3. GlastoSimon

    General News Discussion

    I was going to say, if we fall for someone like Macron as a response to austerity we're thicker than I thought I struggle to see a 'new party' doing that well in one election as En Marche did, simply due to how complex UK politics is right now. UKIP took a while to get going and they were the closest we've had to that new voice. The whole scene could change once more post-Brexit to be fair! Who knows
  4. GlastoSimon

    Arcade Fire

    The ticket prices do seem to have kicked off massively over the last 5 years or so. Its a shame cos it means choosing your gigs very carefully at times, which as you say wasn't as required when arena gigs were half the price
  5. GlastoSimon

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Definitely. In fact you could argue that Labour have actually been sidelined at the political side of the festival for a while until now. Greens represented far more in my recent experience. The left-leaning politics of the festival, the speakers, the topics etc. far extends beyond one party anyway to be fair.
  6. GlastoSimon

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    In the New Labour years, there was a hell of a lot of Green/Lib Dem representation at the fest. Naturally. Haven't been to the last couple, but the re-emergence of a Labour Party that aligns more with the festival's views means naturally there's more focus. Re: the cuddly Lib Dems, forgive me for not being totally convinced by a party willing to side with the Tories once more while there's an alternative available. Lots are feeling the effects of last time
  7. GlastoSimon

    General News Discussion

    Tongue in cheek re: Thatcher, she was unstoppable in the eyes of many was my point. In six weeks a lot of minds were changed, but I think there's more scope for a bigger swing. Labour being considered 'strong opposition' again changes public perception of them to an extent, people sit up a bit more. Reactionary voters pushing Labour up to 45% in one or two polls shows there's further scope to attract people you'd think. I also don't really think anyone who voted Labour as a 'protest vote' will have been put off from voting for them again, put it that way. Not that voting for one of the main two parties as a 'protest' makes much sense anyway, but there we go.
  8. GlastoSimon

    BST Hyde Park 2017

    Pretty good analysis. To be honest I had no idea about the wristband thing, went on Saturday and assumed that was the 'pay more' section from the start of the day given no one extra was going in when there was plenty of space. Ruined it to be honest, but Rancid were good and Green Day did what they do!
  9. GlastoSimon

    General News Discussion

    Yet there's also a sizeable group who will - I'm sure - have been convinced that they couldn't vote Corbyn. In April, the PM was an upgrade on Thatcher and Corbyn had no chance. Now that 40% have voted for Labour, the idea of doing it is normalised amongst that voting group. To be honest I suspect Brexit will turn quite a few heads as well, the whole climate will change unless there's another election in the next 12 months.
  10. GlastoSimon

    How did "avoiding the politics" go?

    Very odd to choose a formerly CND sponsored festival to have a politics free experience. Loads of others about that don't have that history.
  11. GlastoSimon

    Should Flags be Banned?

    Only going off the telly coverage but seemed to me there was less this year?
  12. GlastoSimon

    "Really big secret"

    Like father like daughter
  13. GlastoSimon

    The size of the crowds

    Gibb has certainly been to the Lionel Richie school of 'take your time having a drink between songs while the crowd goes mad' Good so far
  14. GlastoSimon

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Gonna be a bit of a rush to the JP given everyone worth their salt will be at Bazza G
  15. GlastoSimon

    Foo Fighters

    Just seen someone on the net call it 'possibly the greatest live gig of all time', guess I'll have to watch it on catch-up then