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  1. I got email confirmation from Fiona. You can also see it when you log into your account on the recycling crew website
  2. Yep. Me too after the usual panic around had I filled everything out correctly and sent the deposit to the right account.
  3. That's why I bought muck boots as they have better ankle support than wellies
  4. I bought a pair of these last year on recommendation on here after my old walking boots got trashed working in the recycling centre. https://www.sportsshoes.com/product/hit779/hi~tec-penrith-mid-waterpoof-trail-walking-boots-~-aw19/ Worn them a few times since purchase including in some heavy rain when in Iceland and they were great. Comfortable and dry. I normally take walking boots, trainers and muck boots as that covers most bases
  5. Yes I remember it too as was regular at Basics and heard about it. Never made it there though unfortunately as I was starting to club less at that point due to having a young baby. I remember a mate phoning me up on a Sunday morning who was wandering around Headingley trying to find it and asking if I knew where it was
  6. This is the one have and was great last year
  7. I have been away and only got back yesterday but have had my e-mail and done my application as I am a veteran- 2020 will be my 7th time. Regarding some of the questions asked here, hopefully I can answer some of them Yes correct unless you are recommended by someone who has worked there before (not necessarily a veteran just someone who has successfully completed their shifts) the chances are slim if not non-existent if you've not worked before. Some of the charities that do litter picking maybe your best option. Veterans get 1st dibs on shifts and some shifts are for veterans only- they are very popular as more and more people become veterans and in 2019 I didn't get any veteran shifts for this reason For non-veterans the options aren't all just morning (6am to noon) litter picking shifts (though that is where the majority of people work) you can also do: recycling centre (mornings or afternoons or after the festival), traders information which alternate am/pm shifts, afternoon litter picking and tractor crew (mornings or afternoons). So certainly options if you want to be in the SE Corner till dawn. Personally before I became a veteran I always opted for the 6am to noon litter pick as I didn't want to miss any bands in the afternoon. Great staff camping with the advantage of being inside the fence with generally good food (though queues can be long at times- factor this in if you want some food before your shift starts) and a good bar. Great to have showers too (especially in 2019 as was working in the recycling centre which was very mucky) but again the queues can be long at times. Overall it is a great experience and I enjoy it and have made some good friends over the years working there.
  8. 2003 was my 1st too. Had thought about it for years and eventually got around to getting a ticket- I remember getting a couple of tickets the day after they went on sale with no idea of who I'd go with. Ended up going with my old school friend and had a blast. We would see bands during the day/evening and as he wasn't into dance music too much I'd meet up with some people I knew off a clubbing website at the night time to go around the late night areas. One of my highlights was this First time I had ever heard them and was blown away- ended up seeing them several times over the years afterwards before Arthur died
  9. Loved this series- best thing watched in a while I read that the record shop whilst supposed to be in Leith- the location it was filmed was in Glasgow (as was some other parts of the series as apparently they were struggling to film in Edinburgh, I think due to the festival)
  10. dondo

    Crowded house.

    I remember when Zane Lowe used to present the BBC coverage and in 08 was talking about his highlight of a particular day and I was expecting him to say some alternative/rock band but he went for Crowded House- part he said to him being a kiwi but a good choice anyways. I'd definitely be up for this
  11. On the WOMAD FB page someone asked that question and was told that they were basically that I also had it confirmed that payment plans are available too
  12. Hi all Just seen a tweet that Tier 1 tickets go an sale at 10am on the 20th of November @eFestivals in case you want to know
  13. We just got a tent from this ebay seller https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/campingresourcestel08000434090 Looks like it deals with returns from Go Outdoors 10% if you spend over £100 on eBay until tonight code PROSPER10
  14. dondo

    Volunteering 2020

    Yes- I joined one this year on the Glasto Workers FB page which was good fun
  15. dondo

    Volunteering 2020

    On the Crew Bar front I really like Maceos & Tow and Hitch. Also like the Acoustic Stage one and used that a lot in 2016 to get respite from the rain/mud. Heard that in 2019 though you needed specific crew passes once the festival kicked off properly Heard good things about the John Peel one but never found that one.
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