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  1. This is a good documentary too
  2. Another favourite as this along with the MVPs one was in the This England programme which was one of my 1st exposures to Northern Soul
  3. Love Northern Soul This is always a favourite of mine
  4. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    He seems to be settling in pretty well too. Like having a baby around again with lack of sleep and toilet training!
  5. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    Yes we did. Boy Springer Spaniel called Benji
  6. I never watched 24 so don't have it as a comparison. One thing we did notice is that S3 is a lot more sweary than S1 and 2. Now I'm not a prude we just noticed it. Apparently this is because the first 2 series were made by ABC whereas the 3rd was made by Netflix who didn't have the same 'restrictions'
  7. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    Sorry couldn't make it but been out most of the day and we are getting a puppy tomorrow so getting stuff ready for that
  8. dondo

    Live Aid memories

    I remember I was driving with my parents down from Scotland to Staffordshire to visit family and we stopped just outside Penrith for lunch. Live Aid was just about to start and (sorry Homer) at the time I was a big Status Quo fan so wanted to hear them on the radio so was going to stay in the car to listen until they were done whilst my parents ordered my lunch. Couple minutes later mum or dad comes out and says they've got it on in the pub on a big screen so managed to see Quo on the TV.
  9. dondo

    Virtual Meet

    Sorry couldn't make it last night. Had planned to pop in at some point but ended up being sidetracked. Will try and get onto the next one.
  10. Correct. I thought it was much earlier. It was only watching the teatime legends programme at the weekend that made me realise it was a good few years that there wasn't a proper pyramid stage. So Grumpyhack got 1st part, you got 2nd so either of you can have a question
  11. No as the stage that replaced it for that year and subsequent years wasn't pyramid shaped. I meant when was a new pyramid shaped stage constructed/used again?
  12. Thanks. It's only I remember him headlining the Croissant Neuf festival the year before we went for the 1st time. Probably another easy one- what year did the Pyramid stage burn down just before the festival and what year did the new pyramid appear after that?
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