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  1. mf_2005

    Rock am Ring 2018

    Am I right in thinking Gorillaz are Friday night at IM Park?
  2. mf_2005

    Lost GoPro During Foo Fighters - Taking a Chance

    Ah darn. No worries, thanks any way.
  3. mf_2005

    Lost GoPro During Foo Fighters - Taking a Chance

    Should clarify that a little bit too.
  4. mf_2005

    Lost GoPro During Foo Fighters - Taking a Chance

    I have indeed, couple trips up to the lost and found too..
  5. mf_2005

    Lost GoPro During Foo Fighters - Taking a Chance

    Thanks for getting back to me I'll be as specific as I can Hero 4 Black Edition (the silver camera without the built in colour touchscreen screen on the back) LCD Bacpac attachment plugged in Full waterproof hard case with no grip (at time of losing it at least) Lens adapter bolted to the front of the hard case but no lens attached (essentially a big black circle on the front) Small black and white front screen didn't work Unofficial Smatree battery
  6. Long story short. My GoPro went flying during Foo Fighters, in front of the barrier during Everlong. Anyone find it per chance? Let me know. Hopefully one of the good folks of Glastonbury found it and handed it in.
  7. mf_2005

    Foo Fighters

    Anyone find a GoPro per chance? lost mine. Heart broken.
  8. mf_2005

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Hmm, looked legit to me but it was instantly written off as a wind-up. Which it easily could be, it's not hard to edit a document. Though why would My Baby be billed as a "surprise guest tab" during headliner times when they are playing four other announced sets across the weekend? Strange.
  9. mf_2005

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Where did you see this? I kind of hope that's not the case. I quite like My Baby...
  10. mf_2005


    Yep, that'll be it. Forget that thought.
  11. mf_2005


    Has anyone mentioned the suspiciously large gap around 6pm on the Sunday on the Pyramid so far? Just noticed it on the app.
  12. mf_2005

    Secret Glasto text alerts

    I got a text from secretglasto about registration closing back in May but didn't get anything from the voting tweet today. Not sure how I went about setting up text alerts, it may have been through the Twitter app. EDIT: Nevermind, turns out I had removed my phone number from Twitter at some point.
  13. mf_2005


    Pretty sure I've walked past a couple tents. I think there is a Smokey Tentacles in Silver Hayes.
  14. mf_2005

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    @The Placid Casual As far as I can tell people are generally swapping Liam Gallagher, Elbow and Gorillaz between the three big stages. Though Neil has suggest Gorillaz could be on a smaller stage.
  15. mf_2005

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Latest is Maccabees are a no go.