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  1. Obviously it's not a big deal to hit "Send", but I guess it depends on who needs to do what and if they're busy doing other stuff. Maybe they're manually putting inserts into the programme because the printed stagetimes are no longer accurate. 😄 I want the stagetimes out as much as anyone else, the sooner the better. I just don't see why people seem to be getting properly upset about it, as if Simon etc are taking the piss out of them.
  2. I doubt that the EotR team are sitting there holding off on announcing stagetimes in order to sneakily build a fortune from people clicking on their site. They’ll be busy putting on the festival. If things are a bit different this year, and announcements are delayed while more important stuff - and no doubt unexpected last-minute hitches - are attended to, then we should all be grown up and accommodating enough to accept that. We’d all love the stagetimes, and I’ve got my highlighter at the ready too. But it’s not that big a deal right now, and the organisers deserve a bit of slack right now rather than misplaced jaded cynicism, as if we’re all being hard done to here.
  3. There’s no “Sufjan tier” absolute life or death must-sees. But for me there are a huge proportion of 7/10 acts, and relatively few acts that I would choose to avoid. I’m usually pretty nailed-on with my clashfinder, but will probably float about a lot more this year, dependent on the type of stuff I feel like listening to at any given time. Really excited about it. 😀
  4. Well-trodden path by now. Four of us Land at Heathrow at 12:15, into the hire car for 1:00. Pit stop at Salisbury Tesco for essentials, and parked on site for around 4:00. Highlight of the year. Probably the highlight of this decade so far. Can’t wait for it, there may be tears. 😄
  5. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m expecting when I come down for EotR too. All any of us can do is manage our own stuff, and I’ll be trying to follow the same sort of routine as airwaves described above. I’ve accepted the risk of attending this year for the tremendous upside, but I can’t treat it as a normal EotR year.
  6. I know it’s difficult in the heat of the moment and the excitement of a late night set in either tent, but if everyone can be as considerate as possible to everyone else then that’s all we can aim for. We all know the high risk situations, the reasons for wearing masks and the benefit it brings to those in close proximity. Those of us going are accepting a degree of risk, and won’t have anyone else to blame if we catch Covid. But the risk of spread is dependent on what we all do as the EotR community. Unfortunately this isn’t the complete break from the real world that we usually enjoy, but occasionally masking up is a small price to pay for a great festival, especially those who worked so hard to put it on.
  7. Had the pleasure of meeting Big Thief at a charity do once. They were surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.
  8. Yeah, no mention of a TBC anywhere official. Presume it’s people assuming there’s a Woods slot on the Friday, but that’s more likely to be leaving space for a full Damon Albarn set. Genuine secret surprise guests are few and far between. And it wouldn’t normally make sense for it to be anyone big. Of course, it’s hardly a normal year, and it’s unusual for them still to have tickets left on sale this late.
  9. Lots of horrific clashes, but to a degree that’s a consequence of managing to pull together a decent line-up. As far as day splits go, there’s limited scope to ask bands to play specific days, given that EotR is often just one date amongst many that need to be managed as a whole tour. Not to mention real life factors too. This year more than any, the organisers deserve loads of credit and leeway for putting something, anything, on. And we all deserve a cracking festival. Put the minor EotR changes or inconveniences to one side, we’ve had more than enough really significant stuff to deal with over the past 18 months.
  10. There’s usually 2-4 scattered throughout the day at the outdoor piano stage. Usually just a solo artists or vocalist from band doing quieter stuff. There’s always 3 sets from midnight in the tipi tent, Fri-Sun. Usually artists who’ve played already, and fairly often can be a set of attempted cover versions while comically drunk. A decent entertaining end to daily proceedings. As mentioned earlier, best info on who’s playing comes from Paul Bridgewater and Line of Best Fit on Twitter, so set alerts for those accounts. There’s also been a WhatsApp group for secret set updates, but 2019 just turned into a constant chat about any festival stuff, so kinda lost its purpose and IIRC I switched it off. The tipi sets can be great, but can require a bit of pacing during the day if you’re on the beer.
  11. I think there’s a separate wristband exchange at the red gate for boutique campers. I don’t think there’s a Mr Trolley at the red gate, only the man on one - but as it’s boutique camping there probably won’t be much need anyway.
  12. Yeah, I’ll definitely be wearing one in the tents too. Good stuff from Simon etc, clear guidance and making it as easy as possible for everyone. Can’t wait to get back there, 3 weeks today! Feels like it’s been forever.
  13. Just rebooked with TF, all fairly straightforward and all their options seem to be available. That’s a shame for Honeybell’s, but as long as they’re looking after their own well-being then that’s rightly their priority.
  14. No, we usually get the 4 person Honeybell (RIP) tent for the 2 of us. Plenty of space, so the companies will just bring along the number of tents ordered - assuming they have the stock. But they’ve never asked for numbers. It’s expensive, but it’s a great setup with no hassle at all. There’s a few of us fly down from Glasgow so bringing our own gear isn’t an option.
  15. Yeah, there’s a separate wristband that you need to show to get into the boutique camping area.
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