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  1. I would never, on principle, clean up other peoples shit- particularly for free! People who would actually be bothered to do such a thing should at least be paid. No doubt you could find some goodies though. The amount of mystery pills and powders you'd find could potentially last until the end of the festival season, so in that respect I can see the appeal. If it is a wet year though, then there wouldn't be much point.
  2. Hearing strong rumours that Massive Attack will be playing a live set on both November 1st and 2nd.
  3. Is Sziget like its sister festival, Balaton Sound, completely covered in advertising in every possible way?
  4. People assume that Boomtown is just a shit load of dance music are missing out. Every year they seem to throw more non dance music into the mix- punk, folk, metal, swing, hip hop, ska, chillout- and genres I couldn't even classify, but wouldn't be dance music.
  5. I was a bit annoyed when I watched this, and glad that he apologises at the end, because he is giving away blags for people who actually do this kind of thing. Security teams are going to be more alert now because of this guy, who probably only got paid £50 for this article. Thanks a bunch! Anyone who thinks this wouldn't work at Glastonbury is wrong. I have a friend who gets into Glastonbury every year in a similar way (but even more ingenious). I shant be saying how though as there are probably sad jobsworth Oxfam people on here.
  6. Boomtown is the next best festival in the U.K after Glastonbury. However, it is for proper festival heads who like stonking underground music and getting twisted. If you only ever go to Glastonbury 'because its Glastonbury' then please don't go to Boomtown as you'll start to ruin the vibe there too. Most other U.K festivals are a bit lame compared to the 2 aforementioned. Shambala is alrite but during the day its really cheesy, lots of quite well off middle class parents with their kids thinking they are being so amazingly quirky and out there because they are dressed up in onesies
  7. Saw him at The Big Chill some years ago, and he was hands down the most boring, depressing thing i've ever seen. Finally buggered off to a better stage when he started off a song with the lyrics "I hate the world!". No idea why anyone likes or has an ounce of patience for this twonk.
  8. jimbarkanoodle


    Once, at Glastonbury, I really let myself go and wore a silly hat It was quite big and kind of like a lions hat, it was really cool and fun to wear around to all the stages. I was hoping, because it was so edgy and crazy, I might get picked up by the BBC camera's and I would be on T.V, but then I walked past a huge stall selling them and gradually noticed lots of others wearing the same hat, which made me kind of sad. Still, definitely one ticked off the bucket list- go to Glastonbury and walk around in a hilarious hat LOOOL
  9. I do wonder why it always has to be a band that headlines. A huge DJ, such as Carl Cox, would smash a headline slot on the pyramid. Little indie kids 'The Foals' are not fit to lace his boots, musically speaking. Or would that upset the apple cart, and the Jennifer's not be amused and therefore think twice about buying tickets for next years 'Glasto'?
  10. Not at Glastonbury- Fergie, Global Gathering 2003. Glastonbury- I dislike many of the headliners on the big stages for the crowds they bring and the pop music they play. Worst has to be Lionel Ritchie I think, for all the hilarious flags and costumes Jennifer and her friends brought out for the performance. He was rubbish and mind numbingly boring too.
  11. To be fair, when Brexit was announced at Glastonbury a few years ago, even though I thought it was a joke for a while (mate who told me had taken loads of acid), it did make the day more interesting, entertaining and funny. Everyone was giving it large about how they don't agree, and taking more drugs to forget about it. I found some pretty cool chaps from Berkshire who had all voted out and they were chuffed, giving me free booze and coke for a while. In fact, they pretty much talked me round about the whole business. No one will ever forget where they were when it was announced right? Where
  12. I never bother bringing a tent because my mate gets people who work (so get there early) to take his massive 1980's family camping tent to plonk on Pennards Hill, and myself and whoever else gets in just crashes there. I would say the bigger tent you can bring the better, its far preferable having too much space than not enough. If you are on the pull as well, its nice to have a spare pod or area in case you get lucky later on in Block 9.
  13. I assume ill be there. By hook or by crook, ill be having a nice time in that field.
  14. I can hear the excited chatter about this from Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire already.
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