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  1. I assure you I do bunk in to Glastonbury. So do all of my mates that go each year. Admittedly, this year there were far less than usual that went, but still at least 10 of us who all snuck in. Why is that so hard to believe for some people? You are aware it happens, right? The Glastonbury fence isn't an international border or high security prison!
  2. rigghhhttt, well you carry on cacking your pants at the ticket sale, concocting spreadsheets and trying to get a ticket at 9am on a Sunday morning using a laptop and a phone, ill just carry on breaking in each year and paying far less than you. The joke is on you as I am not the one being mugged off here, and if you think its bullshit then that's fine as it doesn't affect me in the slightest.
  3. jimbarkanoodle


    Who on earth would agree to work cleaning the bloody bogs at Glastonbury? You would have to be some kind of masochist to even consider that awful job. I have always preferred portaloos at festivals, rather than hippy compost toilets that are all the rage now. The main reason being, when im tripping my billy bollocks off its nice to just go into a toilet that closes, and have 5 minutes respite. You feel like you can take stock of yourself, and calm down a bit, before going out into the madness again. You can also do more Ketamine in peace, without some busybody taking an interest. Finally, if you have a particularly bad shite which goes all over the seat, its very funny to watch the reaction of the person who goes in after you. They open the door, go in for 10 seconds, then come out with their hand over their face looking truly horrified!
  4. jimbarkanoodle


    Hahaha, that's quite unfortunate. I wouldn't have been best pleased. If the guy's tent was nearby, id have waited until night time and robbed his tent, as a way of getting my own back.
  5. no need to jump the fence and leg it from security mate, just get someone to drive you in, its simple.
  6. Goat curry always has bones. In fact, that is the reason why I sometimes hesitate to order it, as if the guy serving you doesn't like you particularly much you just get a box of bones and rice. This happens frequently at Notting Hill Carnival .
  7. Mate, if you don't get a ticket, it doesn't matter. Just bunk in, its easy enough to do. I have never so much as even registered for tickets, yet gone for the last 4 years it has been on. October, or whenever it is the tickets go on sale, is far too early to be getting organised to get a ticket. Besides, breaking in is often far cheaper.
  8. jimbarkanoodle


    Lets be honest here, first thing when they wake up in the morning, who can actually be arsed to trek all the way to the nearest toilets, and queue up for 10 minutes because they are full of people shitting their guts out, after the excesses of the night before? I always go to the nearest bush by my tent, because if I don't I will literally piss myself which will be no fun at all. I wouldn't be up for taking fat dump in a bush though. I have known people who do this, and even worse, someone who once took a shit in an empty tent whilst the owners were out partying. I cannot condone that behaviour it must be said!
  9. If there are loads of old, boring crooners performing next year I might have to sack it off.
  10. Someone mentioned Halls Dorset Smokery, they have been around the donkeys years, a friend used to work for them. Did anyone have much luck nicking the odd bit of food from the stalls? Was easy enough, always target the ones where they give you the food and ask for the money afterwards, then peg it. Admittedly these are pretty few and far between. One year we had a very good ruse. We would go around the stalls pretending to work for a different stall, and doing a food exchange. "hi mate, I work for so and so, are you doing exchanges this year? Come to so and so stall and see me later for free food, could I try some of yours in return?" Worked virtually every time!
  11. really? Next you'll be saying a cheap tent isn't a proper tent, because you clearly know best. My tipi wasn't disposable, it was supposed to last. I just couldn't be fucked taking it home from a festival that time as it was a bit battered by wind and rain.
  12. jimbarkanoodle

    Camp Fires

    I was thinking the same thing. I love how so many people have got on their high horse about something as innocent as needing and taking a piss in a bush, or leaving behind some gash tent, then lament the fact that lots of fires belching out environmentally dangerous smoke aren't so prevalent anymore. Massive double standards.
  13. You can buy tipis from Argos these days for quite cheap. I bought one a good few years ago for about £60. It wasn't great in rain however, one particularly wet festival (possibly Gatecrasher Summer Soundsystem) it got so badly trashed and wet that we had to dump it, leaving it behind in the campsite. We weren't the only ones, the clean up operation for that festival must of been huge.
  14. I hope not! How boring can you possibly get for a headliner. Surely anyone under the age of 50 is not going to be up for this!
  15. How about as we are on the subject of tattoos, why do people bother getting awful ink permanently put on their bodies, just to show off that they have been to Glastonbury. Its pretty sad. If the ones I have seen, on here and that example I have already discussed, were any good, then I might possibly understand. But they aren't.
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