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  1. liamium

    Elton John

    would take a lot to drag me from elton at the top of the bill. he's got the tunes & loads of his back catalogue is so much fun to drunkenly belt out. now i can't stop thinking about rocket man on the pyramid
  2. liamium

    Glastonbury evolves

    more weird folk stuff. turn the theatre/circus area into late night folk revelry. like a bartholomew fair revival, banned in 1855 for debauchery. wickermen & animal mask shit. greenfields, but more spectacle & nudes
  3. liamium

    West Holts 2019

    would love to see Algiers high up on WH. i've rinsed their new one. might be my aoty. hopefully they'll get new music out first half of 2019 and tour conveniently around glasto
  4. liamium

    Arcade Fire

    kneejerk review is that i personally think it stinks. and really wanted it to be...not bad. they haven't made an album i considered bad before. it's boring and really insincere, just like the marketing for it. you can switch up your style, you can look for other things to do with your sound but for christ sake make me believe you actually care. just one miserable prick's opinion but it's not for me. that said, i really like put your money on me
  5. liamium

    Mercury Prize 2017

    no richard dawson? no jane weaver? thats so bad that its funny. esp richard dawson. peasant is just the most incredible and startling thing i've heard in years counterpoint: why do i even fucking care about it tho
  6. liamium

    Lianne La Havas solo acoustic set in Avalon

    Loved every moment. Mentioned before in relation to LlH that Au Cinema is mine and my gf's 'song', so when she played it first it was a wonderful moment for the two of us
  7. liamium

    Glastonbury Mental Health

    First of all, a disclaimer. Don't at all intend this thread to be a downer. Secondly, an apology if something else like this already exists here - but i've not seen anything. So, as Mental Health Awareness Week draws to a close, it got me thinking that in a pop-up city of 200,000 people there's likely a sizeable chunk who are currently - or have in the past - suffered from various mental health issues - either diagnosed or otherwise. I'm sure many of those planning to attend Glastonbury have the support of their friends but I imagine a fair few don't and maybe suffer in silence, their festival punctuated at times by these things rearing their ugly heads. Glastonbury is an assault on the senses and can be hugely overwhelming, especially to first-timers not knowing what to expect and not having the encyclopedic knowledge of the site many of us have that help to comfortably navigate, get around safely and find quieter spots when we need a breather. You add issues of anxiety into the mix and it can be a really tough few days. I have crippling anxiety and a history of recurring depression, one that I always assumed precluded me from something like Glastonbury, that I should just stay away through fear of panicking or ruining it for my friends. But I was fed up of missing out. When I was first persuaded to go in 2008, I didn't have the best start to the festival in the group I was in - who weren't particularly supportive - and I ended up spending the rest of it alone. Though I struggled on occasions during that weekend, I still had the best time. Despite crowds, noise, the unknown quantity that is an event the size of Glastonbury, I was helped along by a number of strangers who seemed to be able to recognise when I wasn't doing so well. Glastonbury can be incredibly cathartic and remains a place I always feel really safe in despite the size. A busy tram on a weekday in Manchester is enough to make me break out in sweats and have to focus on my breathing. An 80,000 strong crowd in front of the Pyramid doesn't faze me at all. Why is that? I think it would be nice to have a place on this incredible forum and its brilliant community of efesters to chat about these kinds of things. For first timers, whether they identify as suffering from mental issues or not, to air their concerns and ask questions. For solo travellers, to reassure themselves that there is support should they need it and point them towards it. Somewhere for regulars to discuss how they manage their anxiety/depression at the festival, the best places to take a break, spots it might be better to avoid at certain times, the issues surrounding use of drugs to alleviate anxiety, where to camp. Basically, all the things we talk about anyway but from an angle of managing anxiety/depression and absolutely maxing out the potential for your Glastonbury to be the best one ever! Cheers
  8. liamium

    Glastonbury Mental Health

    Never spent so little time watching bands as we did this year. 'Must sees' fell by the wayside as we succumbed to the gentle lure of other, more immediately therapeutic whims. spent a lot of time getting stuck in making stuff in the craft field. it's a uniquely glastonbury thing to be able to do things like spoon carving, japanese raku ceramics glazing, basket weaving. things I wouldn't make time for in the real world even if i could - but when laid out in front of me, in the place I'm in with mental health currently, they were irresistible.
  9. liamium

    Tom Waits

    genuinely way more chance of the oft touted populist improbabilities like zep or floyd. tom waits does not give a shit about music festivals
  10. liamium

    Glastonbury Mental Health

    Also had a troublesome friday. my girlfriend had a panic attack during radiohead. we went up to the park and watched the end of flaming lips from the hill until she felt more in control. then i had a really hard time trying to get out of the park after flaming lips, right in midst of the arcadia crowd decamping. i couldn't walk at one point, felt completely frozen to the spot, couldn't look anywhere but down. we eventually got out and spent an hour in green futures just wandering between stages. helped massively but i was on edge all night. rest of the fest was easy. we never really put ourselves in the thick of crowds, spent a lot of time in green futures. a very different experience for me but great in a different way. my first without drugs & drink. sure, i didn't go for it with complete abandon and i was much more self-conscious when dancing and talking to people - but all that did was just reaffirm how great glasto is, that there's no right way to do it. would go as far as to say it was my best yet.
  11. liamium

    Arcade Fire

    get there earlier rather than later imo. that place always feels a bit oversold and you don't wanna end up behind the bleachers, up the hill. big canopy things will destroy your view.
  12. liamium

    10 of your best

    (sorry if this type of thing is already go) Act Main Stage Small Stage Speaker Food/Drink Pleasant Surprise Act by chance SEC venue Glastonbury 'moment' Souvenir Act(s) - Tied between Lianne La Havas (just vocally stunning, gracious, grateful, insanely beautiful) ..Chic (total hit fest in lovely reasonable Sunday sunshine) and - completely unexpectedly - Father John Misty. Had planned to see Solange but my gf was desperate to see him and didn't want to go alone. The crowd were insufferable moustachioed fuckboys, but his set completely blew me away. That orchestra just elevated everything. I'm not wholly comfortable with how much I enjoyed it. Main Stage - West Holts. Stacked from beginning to end and took up most of our time. a few with sound issues across the weekend but saw so much quality. Small Stage - Lizard Lounge in green futures. Good array of world acts up front, good chai down back. Speaker - JC on Leftfield. Still hurts to have sacrificed both RTJ & BBNG but really wanted to be there. Was rapturous. Food/Drink - Obvs Fish Curry, but also the veggie fritters + amazing salad from No Bones Jones, the Bit of Everything from Flavours of Africa, Lebanese Coffee ice cream from the sheep's milk ice cream place. frozen strawberry daiquiris at the rocket lounge (spent an obscene amount of £ on em, but on the Weds night they were ambrosia) Pleasant Surprise - The Dhol Foundation saved my Saturday night after being disappointed with The Jacksons. It was a joyous riot in the thick of it Act by chance - Kenta Hayashi at the Lizard Lounge Thurs afternoon. long-haired lover from Japan we wandered into building psytrance tracks with an acoustic & loop pedal. SEC venue - NYC Downlow. First time i've made the effort and had a blast there on Weds & Sun night Glastonbury 'moment' - Tiny Tea Tent early hours Friday morning, hot chai, fudge cake, joint & hour long singalong sesh with the woman on the piano Souvenir - We glazed pots and had them raku fired. came out beautifully. such a great thing to take home
  13. liamium

    Suicide Tuesday

    think i've just realised what's so hard about this one. it was my first glasto in this particular job, which has me completely by myself for 8 hours a day, 3/5 days a week. so i think it's just too quiet, i'm a bit lonely and stuffing my face with crisps and sugary coke.
  14. liamium

    Suicide Tuesday

    eating a ridiculous amount of crap. don't know where that's come from but my diet has been gross since getting back. reckon i'll be fine after a weekend of not moving at all
  15. liamium

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    felt much busier this year because of the approximate 20,000 brass band members racing all over the site to play another brass cover of get lucky or some shit. i love a good brass band but fucking hell they seemed to be everywhere no more brass bands in the vending machine please!!
  16. liamium

    Overheard funnies

    wifey, thoughtfully considering her chicken saag: you know what's odd? matey: what? wifey: if beef is cow, yeah? matey: yeah? wifey: and pork is pig.. matey: yeaaahh? wifey: and lamb is sheep? matey: YES? wifey: then why isn't chicken from chicken? matey: chicken is chicken wifey: what? matey: chicken IS from chicken wifey: is it? matey: whaddya mean is it? wifey: no, like, i know chicken is from chicken but why is it chicken? matey: what the fuck are you talking about? wifey: it should be chicken is from like chork or chank. chamb? matey: it would be the other way round wouldn't it? wifey: oh it doesn't matter
  17. liamium

    Headliners 2019

    assuming no big reformations: Kendrick Arctic Monkeys Bruno Mars in 2019 McCartney Beyonce Fleetwood Mac for 2020 Elton, ABBA, Celine Dion, Billy Joel possible legends maybe
  18. liamium

    Your Glastonbury Song 2017

    BSP - What You're Doing (that opening line 'people assemble together from parts' made my heart soar) Lianne La Havas covering I Say A Little Prayer
  19. liamium

    Suicide Tuesday

    Yeah. the bit where everyone cries twice daily for no apparent reason.
  20. liamium

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    tend to agree that most of the major crowding issues arise from obstructions to the free flow rather than numbers, and boy howdy there were many of them this year. prams, those massive child caravan things, blanketeers & chair w*nkers. don't know what's to be done about this on a large scale. i self-manage it due to anxiety and not feeling entitled to anything at glastonbury. if i get a sense there's going to be overcrowding, problems with quick exits from a situation - i generally bin it off. see pumarosa at williams green on thurs. got down there to find a sea of people camped out on every square metre of space outside the tent. it was an easy decision to avoid and do something else. it's annoying, yes. but reducing the number of people who get to be there isn't a good thing. there are always going to be folk who feel they're entitled to take up as much space as they like.
  21. liamium

    Cineramageddon, opinions and photos?

    we were camped in Baileys, on t'other side of it. had a butchers on Fri morning and it looked pretty cool but i've never seen a film at glastonbury before and i have no intention of ever doing so
  22. liamium

    Suicide Tuesday

    really struggling at work now. the 92 miles and 15 hours sleep Weds-Sun have just hit me and i can barely keep my eyes open. i'm not ashamed to admit that i have cried twice today for no apparent reason
  23. liamium

    Food offer 2017

    had a ridiculous amount of ice cream from Shepherd's sheep's milk place, the one just up from the greenpeace Xroads. amazing flavours and just about the creamiest ice cream i've ever had. the lebanese coffee was sensational
  24. liamium

    Top 5 Acts

    Kenta Hayashi Jain Father John Misty Lianne La Havas Chic
  25. liamium

    Post your favourite picture from this year

    nothing interesting really but i love this one because a) tis my beloved b ) never had to take refuge in the shade of a flag before c) LUSH GREEN GRASS