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  1. djmckeever

    Getting to the Festival, York, First timers.

    Definitely drive if possible. Much easier and you'll appreciate it come Monday. About all I can say really. You'll also get in fine that time Saturday so no problems
  2. djmckeever

    Car parking at Leeds festival

    I believe that day parking is in Brown. Think it says so on map on website
  3. djmckeever

    Disability Camping at R/L

    Iv been in disabled at Leeds for the last 4yrs. Easy check in where you show your docs and get all the wristbands etc you need. You have your own showers and toilet cubicles and a small aid tent if you need meds in fridge or electric to charge something. Private car park right outside camp area and they will let you drive in to drop your things off. It's a few mins walk through a little wooded area to the arena via a private entrance. All this used to be shared with guest campers but I've noted that the guest part has now moved so not sure what changes this will mean. Downside of guest moving is they there used to be a huge guest bar between camping and arena which was open until early hours. Now guest has moved I'm sure the bar will have moved also but facilities still very good and easy to get to arena the main thing. Also a buggy which will drop you off and pick you up between camp and arena if you want it and it's free. Hope this helps.
  4. djmckeever

    Guest Camping

    Yep I got same advise to contact access and also awaiting a reply. Will update if I get one!
  5. djmckeever

    Guest Camping

    This change is annoying. Does anyone know/reckon that our disabled access will still allow access to the guest bar area in their new location? Our wristband usually just says guest anyway and we like taking a break in the guest bar so really hoping this is the case??? Can't see them making totally new wristbands just for the new disabled area split. Any info appreciated

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