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  1. DL50


    Does Arcade Fire 7:30 park still look likely?
  2. DL50


    where are people getting Arcade Fire from??
  3. DL50

    Weird Placings 2017

    they've been royally fucked over i think! Too big for the Park but would have been so good on the Other Stage. I think they will have a very small or uninteresting crowd
  4. DL50

    The National

    Agreed. I love them and Radiohead but having both in a row on the pyramid would put a lot of neutrals off
  5. DL50

    The XX

    Saw the XX in Cardiff last night. Absolutely incredible. Don't see how it can be anything other than Other Stage headliners for them. Their light show adds so much to the atmosphere
  6. DL50

    2019 Headliners

    Biffy Clyro Pink Floyd Arctic Monkeys
  7. DL50

    The XX

    For anyone that's seen them on this tour - what time did they come on stage and what time did they finish? Seeing them in Cardiff next week and need to book trains!
  8. DL50

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Although it won't happen I think if they opened with Paranoid Android (or at least did it 2nd after Burn the Witch) that would be amazing
  9. DL50

    Subheadliners 2017

    Ahh didn't realise they were doing download!
  10. DL50

    Subheadliners 2017

    I agree that Kaiser Chiefs are far more likely but has anyone considered Biffy Clyro? They're currently touring; there'a a glastonbury shaped hole in their schedule; they would be perfect before Foos; did a secret set in 2010 and played 3rd on pyramid to quite a big crowd in 2011; they're always doing the rounds but seem to have missed Glasto on the last 2 albums; and it would fit worth the "2 years worth of music in 1". Ok they would probably want to headline but they seem to have been missed out by Glasto over the last couple of years and you could argue that maybe they're still not quite big enough for it? Especially as their last album was white average in my opinion and they aren't bonafide headliners elsewhere other than the UK. They also probably wouldn't want to do a shortened set, so Foos doing 3 hours maybe makes it less likely. Just a thought!
  11. DL50

    Subheadliners 2017

    Yes I think there's a possibility and Noel is often there backstage. Imagine if they had Liam doing a low slot on the other though and Noel doing a massive sub headline pyramid slot. Not sure if Liam would like that...
  12. DL50

    Subheadliners 2017

    What about Phil Collins as a sub? Could work very well before Radiohead or Foo Fighters (Sorry if he's been ruled out already haven't been following the general efests chat this year)
  13. DL50

    Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    Imagine if it's the legendary FFers playing there... you know, the ones that got bottled off at Reading that time
  14. DL50

    Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    Just spoke to the Cheese and Grain ticket office on the phone. "Sorry mate private party tomorrow" I asked about Foo fighters multiple times and the bloke neither confirmed or denied he just kept going "don't know nothin about that sorry mate we've just got a private function booked" i was surprised they even answered the phone - I can't have been the only one calling them!
  15. DL50

    Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    I don't see that happening tbh Would be cool for Glasto fans but not for the wider public and 18 year old girl target audience Sheeran and Perry as someone suggested earlier makes more sensee