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  1. Mate I doodled the poster weeks ago!

    Nah it completely makes sense that they’re going into this with a lot of money. They managed to kick Live Nation out of their home and I think AEG/Goldenvoice bought out Firefly Festival the other day so they’re clearly quite determined, perhaps aggressively.

    I wonder if the comparatively pleasant punter experience will advantage them next year against the FR/Mama London events, or whether people on the street wouldn’t be aware of the difference behind the scenes.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Odessa said:

    TDCC did two nights at the Apollo in Manchester last tour, which is bigger than "playing academies" suggests tbf. That's prob about 8k tickets in one city.

    Two nights at the Al Pal as well. 20k that.

    Are they gonna be about five albums in? For a band that FR seem to be trying to put back on track, it doesn’t seem that outlandish. And going off the crowd they gathered at R+L last year, I wouldn’t really blame the fest for trying it.

  3. 1 hour ago, Mattymooz said:

    Re Black Panther, had totally forgotten he had done that lol. I guess he could be working on his own stuff, but again we haven't had any of his usual marketing moves that he normally does when gearing up for a new era (and imo if anything surely Black Panther would have pushed back a new album back as he was focusing on that instead?)

    And sure about coming back for a second summer but when was the last time Glasto had a headliner the year after R+L? And if he was coming back to do more paydays wouldnt you get the same argument of why would he take the glasto discount?

    I dunno I just don't see it happening next year. As much as I'd love him to (as I couldnt afford his concert price and am busy R+L weekend this year) it'd make more sense as a career move to do his normal pop features next year and then a couple of promo dates next summer before releasing an album in the autumn surely. Glasto can have him in 2020 there aint no rush hes not going anywhere

    Ayy so you did make the 'stupid' argument after all...

    His studio albums to date have been roughly two years apart each, with an album of studio outtakes in between the last two, and tours and plenty of features throughout. Why would it now be a good career move to stop working like that? Why would he now be over-stretched?

    Also, surely no one cares if he played R+L the year before. And I would think he'd take the paycut for Glasto in the middle of loads of European dates because it fits with the schedule, like quite a lot of international acts do.

  4. 1 hour ago, Mattymooz said:

    I remember being pretty impressed by Paramore + QOTSA in 2014 but agreed it would be strong. In saying that I dont think either of their new stuff has gone down as well as I expected (havent listened to the sing 2975 released last night but the reception if their previous one was pretty meh, and at least I havent heard the 21p song  getting anywhere near the amount of radioplay their previous stuff got).


    Two Door is a weird choice tho imo. They still only played academys on their last tour didnt they? Would be a big step up for them

    I think it's too early to say for either band. Both bands sold huge numbers for their last album and I don't see why the next will be different.

    Foals, Disclosure and QOTSA all played academies before releasing the album they headlined with. And I'm not even talking as big as them, I just think they'll have someone that people would go see (as evidenced by their huge crowd last year) but wouldn't shift day tickets on their own. The 1975 and Twenty One Pilots would both shift day tickets comfortably, more so than BMTH would actually.

  5. 8 hours ago, Mattymooz said:

    1975 + Twenty One Pilots


    I think these would be the two biggest acts R+L have had coheadline, aside from Kendrick I guess. Just seems too strong.

    I feel that they'd separate them to different days and if, as you say, The 1975 have to be pared down because they've decided that they're doing Glastonbury as well, they'll couple them up with an act that is well below them. Got my eye on it being Two Door Cinema Club.

  6. 41 minutes ago, Gucci Piggy said:

    Haha I was thinking about this when I posted it, knew you'd reply referring to it :P But yeah, this is what one of my mates told me when we were at Mad Cool talking about APE (one of my other mates went this year). Mate who went replied saying he couldn't really see The Strokes playing it and first matey was like "*shrug* that's what their booking agent said".

    Yeah tbf even if you are lying, it's the perfect festival for them to headine, and probably the best choice of headliner that APE can get. If they are touring then I'd 100% expect them to do it. And I suppose they only need a bit of money waved at them to get them to tour.

  7. 12 minutes ago, Gucci Piggy said:

    Mate's mate who's in a band was told by their booking agent that The Strokes are headlining this next year. Never met the bloke so no idea what to make of it. Would imagine it'd be an APE Presents day if true.

    Did he find out if The Cribs are headlining the Rock Stage?

  8. 1 hour ago, kingcrawler said:

    Wasn’t really into Give Yourself a Try but I really like The 1975’s new song. I generally preferred the album tracks on their last album too so hopefully that bodes well for the new album.

    Is this an album track then?

    I think the lyrics are great on this one and I'll probably always laugh at "thank you Kanye, very cool". But, for me, the song itself isn't quite up to it. A bit of a boring slog. Chorus is pretty nice but not nearly enough of a payoff. Better than Give Yourself A Try in any case.

  9. 6 minutes ago, pepesilvia said:

    i've been thinking about that a lot, i feel like a lot of fans have simply gotten over blind hype for new brockhampton songs due to the lengthy (for them) break between new music and the ordeal with ameer and it feels like people are just open to being critical of their music now instead of just going crazy for anything. there's a whole subsection of fans who are still very angry/upset about ameer's departure and i feel like that has an effect as well. gonna be harder to judge until they release an album, which i feel will come before the fest anyway.

    but for what it's worth i've enjoyed these two songs immensely, more than some of the saturation singles they were putting out, and if people use youtube views as a metric they're still getting a lot of attention. i think the whole ameer thing is still fresh in the minds of people but imo they're still picking up steam and buzz, just at a slower pace. 

    Yeah those are good points. If it comes out and is well received and galvanises their fanbase AND it's more considered than their blind hype, as you say - one of the things that I know put a lot of people off them - then they can really go on to achieve a lot.

  10. Are they bouncing back strong? I feel like they've lost a lot of the hype, and I've never been a fan (as you'll know) but the fan response to songs doesn't seem to be as big as when they were dropping Sat 3 either. I guess they're doing well to not have the whole ordeal swallow them up.


    Another act has disappeared from the R+L lineup. If anyone was looking forward to seeing Brunswick, you're outta luck.

  11. Just now, Hugh Jass said:

    Who is making anything up? Just speculating, I don't know the guy and I certainly don't know his plans for next year...

    I wasn't being serious with that bit.

    1 minute ago, Mattymooz said:

    IIRC tho TPAB must have come out at some point during those tours so he had new material to play, and he never really did a euro tour for TPAB either? As in those 3 dates were the only shows he played in the UK for TPAB?

    Compared to DAMN which would be 3? years old, he's already done his own concerts and an extensive euro fest tour. I would agree if the album had just come out recently or if he had an album due out soon (I honestly have no idea about his timeline, but he did a couple of features IIRC leading up to DAMN but has done nothing recently, and unless he is recording while touring then idk if it's coming soon).

    Nothing recently? He produced the Black Panther album only a few months ago, which spawned two of his biggest hits so far. All done in the middle of touring DAMN. so I am sure he could and probably has done some of his own stuff.

    He did a UK tour this time, yeah, but that doesn't he's gonna avoid doing a few weeks in Europe next June/July just to pick up some more paydays. Headliners quite often do two summers, and it's not like his demand is gonna run out.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Mattymooz said:

    I think it's just a matter of time before Kendrick headlines tbh, I just ain't convinced next year fits for him (coonsidering he's doing euro fests like 9 months before Glasto, wouldn't have any new material really etc.)

    As I just said, he played R+L 2015 nine months before BST 2016, and that was after Wireless 2015 as well. And he's fairly regular at bringing out new albums.

    If people want to make a case against it happening, it's probably best to go with the thing about his price being several millions rather than making up that he's got holiday plans for summer 2019.

  13. 1 minute ago, mufcok said:

    Nothing to suggest he's on about strictly Pyramid headliners there. I imagine that will bee the legends slot and 1 headliner, 2 max

    By their own admission they’ve just sorted out the headliners in the past month or so, so I think you’re right not to believe it. I was just posting what was being referred to.

    1 minute ago, Quark said:

    I'm sure he just does it for the lols these days. Probably got an ongoing bet with his mates on what shit he can get on somerset live

    He’s losing to FuzzyDunlop in that case.

  14. 1 minute ago, Hugh Jass said:

    He's doing a run of European festivals next month, including R/L. Can't see if he has any further dates beyond that but he's in Australia right now, has done North America last couple of months and an arena Europe earlier in the year. He might fancy a little time off after this run, I certainly don't see him turning an album around between now and June.

    I suppose it's not beyond the realms of possibility that he could come back to Europe to do a few festival shows next summer, but he might well be done with DAMN by then and/or be working on the next one.

    If nothing else 1/2 are patently stupid odds, anyone smashing into that needs their head looking at.

    On the TPAB tour, he did August the one summer then June/July the next. Obviously no arena shows on that tour but there’s a lot of money on the table for him if he wants to do June/July again, and Glastonbury is the only appropriate venue now that he’s arguably too big for Wireless.

    Not that I think it’s necessary for him to keep touring but I’ll be surprised if there isn’t a new album by this time next year. He is usually working on new stuff all the time and only takes a couple of years between album releases, so I don’t see the next one being any different.

    The odds are daft yes but I don’t think it means an awful lot. Is Elton John still evens, despite being practically ruled out?

  15. The new Tom Grennan one struck me as a terrible album cover. Not in its content, just that it’s basically his press photo that he’s been using for a while made into a CD cover on MS Paint, like an old fashioned bootleg. I can only imagine all the CD’s said Memorex on them.


  16. 30 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

    I'd be gobsmacked if Kendrick headlined next year. He'll be done touring DAMN by then and GF certainly aren't going to stump up the sort of fee needed to bring him over for a one off.

    He didn’t do any European shows on the first year of DAMN. so it’s not like he’s toured the hell out of this thing already. And that’s if he doesn’t have a new record next year.

    Glastonbury is surrounded in the calendar by some of the biggest festivals in Europe so it likely wouldn’t be for a one-off. I don’t think it’s “nailed on”, or the partial twist people like to put on that phrase, but given that Emily is clearly a fan and he’s one of the biggest stars in music, I think there’s a pretty decent chance.