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  1. Same here. Too expensive just for the one individual show when I reckon I could spend just a few quid more and go to a minimum of two shows in the arena tour later on. Good call really. Me too. I only went to bed at 6am too. I was beyond pissed.
  2. They haven't even brought out their debut yet so they may still be smashing on record
  3. Hinds were great at EOTR last weekend. Definitely a band worth checking out, even if you knew no songs (like I did). Looking forward to Leave Me Alone now
  4. Any fans of The Mountain Goats? New album streaming - still listening now but sounding good http://www.npr.org/2015/03/29/395108044/first-listen-the-mountain-goats-beat-the-champ#playlist
  5. You ran away when you saw me at Reading during The Horrors
  6. you're forgetting the 'special recipe' guacamole
  7. What did you think of it? Personally loved it - has made me very excited for the new LP
  8. Not that The Mountain Goats would necessarily play but new song from a soon-to-come LP: https://soundcloud.com/mergerecords/the-mountain-goats-the-legend-of-chavo-guerrero
  9. Fair enough, as I said - I'm going by other people's judgements of her show. I love her on record but am yet to see her live and f it happened to be she was playing outdoors, I'm sure it'd be enjoyable nonetheless However, as Will and Matt have said, I do think she's big enough to headline NME and get a big crowd - at the very least the size that Alt-J got back in 2013.
  10. For what it's worth regarding St.Vincent - at EOTR she headlined the main stage on the friday night last year and from all the other volunteers who saw her (I was watching The Gene Clark No Other band at the same time), she was apparently really shite in the open air - her current show layout and everything just sounded really lame. A few of the volunteers were really big fans too but all admitted she was disappointed. So if she did play R&L, perhaps headline NME?
  11. Can't wait then! A logistical question though - did the finish at 11? Or did they run over like they did at the RAH shows? As I had to leave early then (at 11 on the dot) in order to get the last train home, so would rather not have to do that again!
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