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  1. Tame Impala are big enough for headlining TRNSMT. Don't know why folk think otherwise tbh. Another critically acclaimed album by this time next year and they should definitely be considered to headline. The way TRNSMT is going, however, it looks like they are going with a "what's popular at the moment that kids will jump on" vibe. With that, expect the likes of Gerry Cinnamon, Lewis Capaldi etc to headline.
  2. The same planet that had Stormzy headlining it.
  3. wishyboz6

    2020 headliners

    The xx deserve a shot at headlining the Friday ahead of Foals IMO. Them Arctic Monkeys and Fleetwood Mac would be pretty incredible.
  4. Has it been confirmed anywhere that there will be two weekends? Would make sense to have one weekend like this year’s and another for the alternative audience that the festival was originally intended for. Best I would hope for is Gerry Cinnamon, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian but can see it being Calvin Harris, Drake, Lewis Capaldi the way the festival is now going.
  5. Tame Impala, rightly, will not be booked for this. And if they were to play a festival, then they should be headlining. Simple as.
  6. Tame Impala, rightly, will not be booked for this. And if they were to play a festival, then they should be headlining. Simple as.
  7. Went the Friday as I won tickets for it. I’m 25 and I definitely felt out of place. I did enjoy it tbf. Not a fan of any the acts but Gerry got the crowd going and created a good atmosphere. I was going to just leave after him but bumped in to a couple folk I used to go to T with so just stayed for Stormzy. Bit of an exodus after Gerry finished. I don’t understand why he headlined and Gerry subbed tbh. Gerry is a much bigger act up here. As Ellis has went back on his word about booking acts aimed at a more mature audience, I can’t see myself going to this ever again. I expect the likes of Calvin Harris and other mainstream acts to be headlining/subbing now. It sells so they have to do what they have to do. I’ll just have to keep trying to get Glasto tickets every year from now on! The Summer Sessions line-up is quite incredible this year tbf. Imagine those 3 acts headlining a festival? Can’t ask for much bigger.
  8. No surprises that it’s absolute weapons and simpletons buying tickets for this judging by Facebook and Twitter. Disappointing as, if it has sold well, they’ll ditch the “alternative” vibe they were going for in 2017 and continue to book mainstream pop acts.
  9. Bring back TITP"!!"11
  10. wishyboz6

    2020 headliners

    Friday - The xx, Royal Blood, CHVRCHES Saturday - Lady Gaga, Lorde, Years & Years Sunday - Arctic Monkeys, Liam Gallagher, The Black Keys Not entirely what I want, but that's what I'm predicting. Pretty solid imo.
  11. wishyboz6

    2020 wishlists

    I've failed to get tickets 7 years on the bounce. How are folk doing it?! I have around 20 devices all set up and not a sniff. Rigged imo.
  12. wishyboz6

    2020 wishlists

    Arctic Monkeys The Black Keys The xx Elton John Lady Gaga Jamie T Robyn The Strokes OCS Cher for the legend’s slot
  13. Just a “shite fest” then.
  14. As much as I love techno and would want it there for variety, it attracts absolute reprobates so would have to be ditched.
  15. I must be the only one that sees the potential with Scottish crowds and a camping festival. Amalgamate the summer sessions and Trnsmt and you have an amazing set of headliners plus decent support. Just don’t book ned acts, drop the slam tent and get TITP back. It can be brought back to its glory if they catter to the masses and do the simple thing by dropping the stuff that attracts the jobbers.
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