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  1. Just a “shite fest” then.
  2. As much as I love techno and would want it there for variety, it attracts absolute reprobates so would have to be ditched.
  3. I must be the only one that sees the potential with Scottish crowds and a camping festival. Amalgamate the summer sessions and Trnsmt and you have an amazing set of headliners plus decent support. Just don’t book ned acts, drop the slam tent and get TITP back. It can be brought back to its glory if they catter to the masses and do the simple thing by dropping the stuff that attracts the jobbers.
  4. Nail. Head. Bit like Courteeners in the Lancashire area. CATB with the Strokes special guests would have went down better. The reaction on social media tells you everything. This is not going to sell well.
  5. What have you heard for this Mez? I’ll go for Biffy Clitoris, Kasabian and Muse.
  6. Looks like I’m going after all. I won tickets for guessing Stormzy was headlining on FB 😂
  7. Absolute scenes on social media 😂 This isn’t going to go well.
  8. Yeah, that would be glorious but will never happen. Scotland deserves something like that, just cause we’re sound c*nts 👍🏼
  9. Anyone trying to say it’s not too bad is at it 😂 The biggest music festival in Scotland (a hardcore country btw) and that’s what we get. Cheers, son’s crying now. I really hope I get tickets to Glasto now.
  10. If 50k is the max capacity can maybe see the Friday getting 30k because of Gerry, but the other days are going to be very, very poor.
  11. They’ve been ruled out.
  12. Majority of TRNSMT clientele are absolutely thick as fcuk to be fair.
  13. Snow Patrol haven’t been relevant since the late naughties. Beyond me how they can headline major festivals (although tbf they aren’t technically going to be at TRNSMT). Stormzy isn’t actually that good, but, if those are the headliners, then he’ll be the best act out of them. Says it all really.
  14. Don't think any festival in the world right now has an exceptional set of headliners. Glasto have only announced Stormzy tbf.
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