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  1. Loved After Life even though I find Gervais very Marmite. I wasn’t ready for it to end.
  2. Loved Russian Doll! Want to watch it all again to see what I missed first time around. Natasha Lyonne is fabulous.
  3. Just caught up on Ray Donovan. Bloody great stuff.
  4. We blitzed through Weeds recently. Apart from Silas and Andy, they are all so thoroughly unlikeable! Did enjoy it a lot though.
  5. My parents live 200 miles away and we also occasionally take the ferry over to Ireland and drive across the country - after 8 years of my husband doing all the driving it’s only fair I take a turn! Also gives me more options with jobs etc when i decide to move on from where I am now.
  6. I still plan to walk or get the train everywhere I can - I don’t enjoy driving at all!!
  7. I passed my driving test today, first time (albeit 16 years since I had my first lesson). Can’t believe it!
  8. Poor old Corey. That is a story that needs a spotlight.
  9. Or teaching men that nothing less than an enthusiastic yes will do, or if that’s not good enough stay in the house and don’t get in a position where you may have sex?
  10. bunique

    Brexit Schmexit

    I think if by UK you mean theresa May and maybe DD, then it’s a good result. But for the headbanger Brexiters it’s nowhere near enough.
  11. It’s certainly considered to be so by many, particularly as it’s thrown out at the slightest disagreement, when there is no transphobia behind the comments. It’s a means of shutting down debate
  12. Also, when it was pointed out to her that as Women’s Officer she’s responsible for representing even those “TERFs” (a word that is considered a gendered slur by many women that Madigan uses freely) she said “not until tomorrow...with all that pretty contact data” and followed it up with “I’ve got the power”. Whatever she may identify as, she is wholly unsuited to public office
  13. @zahidf You’ll be glad to hear Lily is back on Twitter after less than 24 hours, feeling “fabulous”. Out of curiosity, what do you make of these?
  14. bunique

    Brexit Schmexit

    There was a text into 5Live this morning saying Ireland should leave the EU too so it would solve the problem. The fucking entitlement and arrogance is unbelievable.
  15. Lad is right that the serious case reviews which have looked at cases of large scale CSE have identified a reticence to challenge minority communities, often amongst the elected members of those minorities too. I’ve heard about it here as well, it’s just through a lot of persistence by individuals in and out of those minority groups that those barriers are being broken down. But race isn’t the only factor in CSE cases - it’s often painted as Asian males exploiting white females but it’s less about race and more about th vulnerability of the victims. Often connected with gang violence too
  16. This really isn’t the case everywhere. Where I work there’s been huge amounts of work done with mosques and taxi firms to raise the profile of child sexual exploitation to try to prevent it (safeguarding training is a licensing requirement). But as a senior police officer recently pointed out, white men are far more likely to be the perpetrators of sexual abuse of children.
  17. I don’t think health professionals are very good at challenging some people either. Probably for the reasons lost described. It’s easier to just write the letter or sign the form and make it someone else’s problem (either DWP for benefits or local authority for social care provision)
  18. Thanks - I hadn’t spotted that and the Parliament website was taking me round in circles. I think there’s been a debate in the lords regarding hereditary titles post-GRA which was quite interesting!
  19. It’s a bit further on than that: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-action-to-promote-lgbt-equality
  20. Did you read it? She says herself her comments where nothing to do with “trans activism” (even if there are plenty of knobheads who didn’t take the time to read her original comments in context and reacted wholly inappropriately)
  21. And ultimately neither you nor I get to decide - that’ll come out as the GR bill moves through parliament. But there should be robust debate about it without fear of being labelled a bigot.
  22. Bingo. And does the trans movement reinforce those gender norms? IMO yes it does.
  23. So from that what I take is: you’d let them go into a female toilet because it is considered a safer space, and that on some level you consider there to be a risk however small (though from speaking to a friend who worked with young people in an inpatient mental health setting, child abuse in public toilets is apparently far more common that I realised) from men towards a more vulnerable group. Which is not worlds apart from what I’ve been saying.
  24. Sorry; formatting issues. I should be asleep
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