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  1. We’re muddling through it too. It has the odd moment but half the time I can’t work out which Miles I’m supposed to be looking at which doesn’t help make sense of the story
  2. I think it’s got one more season in it with that suggestion in the last episode that S&Z move in together. I wouldn’t be sad for it to end after that.
  3. Third series of Atypical was as lovely as the first two.
  4. While I loved the first series I couldn’t get through the first episode of series 2. It was too much.
  5. I think this is series 7. There are some great moments in the series as a whole but I don’t think you’d be missing much if your trial expires before you get through it!
  6. Plodding through OITNB. Glad it’s finishing. I like the exploration of the ICE detention and also Red’s health. But the rest is rehashing old themes
  7. I think this was my favourite series of Stranger Things (though the Neverending Story part was almost a shark jump for me) but agree they need to bring it to an end as it’s the same story each time. I cried my eyes out at the letter though.
  8. We loved Happy too, completely unexpectedly! Looking forward to second series. Feels like there is suddenly loads to catch up on
  9. That was me on Saturday morning. One of our party broke her finger and suspected broken hand after demonstrating a yoga move to my 8 year old after a few gins 🙄 so had to walk them to find our car to go to minor injuries (easier than getting their camper back out). It was a very frantic few minutes pacing up and down clicking the key hoping to hear the car unlock!
  10. As the people in the welfare tent said to me on Sunday morning (after my lovely Mariachi breakfast at the Hurley Burley Cafe 😋), those who put wristbands on their children are the least likely to lose them! But the irony of no signal wasn’t lost on us either. We just kept pointing the welfare tent out to our two each time we passed it in the hope they’d remember to go there.
  11. O2 was rubbish which was great as we were totally cut off on real world goings on
  12. First time for us with two kids in tow and a number of friends and neighbours, and my parents’ first festival we all loved it and can’t wait to come back.
  13. I felt there was a hint of future conflict. Bran was obviously king in name only. There’s still a dragon flying around somewhere. Sansa is queen but to a decimated North. Arya is off on her adventures. I didn’t feel it was *too* neat. Neat enough for me though.
  14. Half the people on the platform are either related to Sansa, swore an oath to her or served as her advisor. Maybe that’s why nobody said no.
  15. Just rewatching it and my read on it is that killing Jon would have caused another war
  16. But she didn’t trust him. The second she knew he had a claim on her throne he was toast. Several characters told him so in that episode!
  17. Anyway, Tyrion ended up the real king and that’s fine by me.
  18. They answered that in the show - Tyrion said they still needed a place to send thieves and bastards, or something like that. But I thought at the end Jon was riding North to live with the wildlings which to be honest was where he was always happiest, so makes sense
  19. I got up at 5 to watch it. I think Tyrion’s line that nobody is happy so it’s a good compromise probably sums it up. But I actually found it pretty satisfying.
  20. Is anyone staying up/getting up early to watch the last one? I just know some fucker on my commute is going to be watching/talking about it not to mention the spoilerific people on my Facebook (who I’ve mostly hidden for the duration of the series) and will be so pissed off to hear what happens second hand
  21. I did no work for two hours while I tried to get tickets i’m unhealthily obsessed with PWB at the moment. Good luck with getting tickets - I think there’ll be lots available for resale because there was such a scramble for tickets that people will have booked days they’re not actually able to attend on
  22. But Arya killing the Night King was foreshadowed. That’s why we had endless tedium in series whatever it was with the faceless whatevers
  23. And at least it’s ending. It could have gone all Walking Dead and not known when to quit.
  24. I think people’s expectations were just sky high - unrealistically so. I don’t think it would ever be possible for the show to reach them.
  25. I wish they’d spent more time on Varys. He has been such a key part of the whole thing and his death was rushed. I didn’t buy Jon just letting it happen either. I did enjoy the dawning realisation for many of them that they’d backed the wrong horse. And the random appearance of the arsey detective from Line of Duty!
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