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  1. I was surprised when they were announced to headline Kendal Calling. Especially after two album releases. Foals with a closing set from Faithless
  2. I liked 30stm until Download 2013. Their album in 2009 was fantastic imo and I was seeing them for the second time (caught them at Leeds) I rejected the idea that it was all about Leto and often defended them. Then it happened. They took to the stage with screens behind each guitarist and under the drummer's platform which displayed their twitter handles all show and Leto's demeanor on stage could be likened to that of Joseph Seed (retrospectively, of course) Once I got home, I learnt they had a new album out and out of intrigue I listened to half of it. I would not watch them again.
  3. I read the Latitude site and it doesn't mention exclusive which is interesting. Dua Lipa would be good but with that the three headliners aren't very diverse. Has to be a rock act in my opinion that's why I'm going with KoL.
  4. Capaldi on an exclusive would be huge but I don't think he is? He'll be a crowd pleaser no doubt but I can't imagine it being an expensive booking. Bastille are another crowd pleaser, no doubt they'll go down well, but again the fee to headline is going to be small in comparison to other headliners. I don't think they're exclusive either. The fact Killers were on a stadium tour at the time of Latitude no doubt helped Latitude bag them but I can definitely see the final headliner being someone of that stature. I'd love Radiohead but I think KoL are more likely. Imagine that three, best get praying for good 6music headliners.
  5. I also like the random announcements. The final headliner has to be big given the other two headliners. Whether they're lively or not is to be seen
  6. It is a good edition but the lineup needs livening up
  7. Marsicans - Ursa Major absolutely bodies sea girls.
  8. I'm afraid it will forever be in the: "So many albums, so little time" category.
  9. EVERYONE says this. I didn't think it was a real album so I've never listened to it.
  10. Getting a lot of attention this album and I've seen a lot of people sharing this opinion. Couple of tracks let it down for me, couple of the singles I'm not quite with atm, but there are some BIG tunes on it
  11. They know how to write a festival anthem I will give them that but I find a lot of their music to be derivative, especially their last single "Forever".
  12. Mariscans - Ursa Major is the best release of the week.
  13. Hopefully Marsicans get back in the NME tent next year. Album out on Friday and I'm hyped!
  14. The social media team messaged me back, they're still looking at making an announcement this month.
  15. L7 would be fantastic as would Alien Weaponry. What about something like ho9909 in a tent?
  16. What smaller bands do you want to see get announced?
  17. We're in an unusual position where the lineup is out 10months prior to the festival because many bands who were due to be in Europe in 2020 have rescheduled already, we usually only get the headliners in Sep. It seems the focus is now for festivals to get their lineups out ASAP to allow for months of sales as opposed to relying on 2nd announcements to push sales like normal. We're at a stage now with the lineup that we don't usually get to until around January / Feb time. RE Placebo and Puscifer, don't forget there are still Festivals to announce their lineups across Europe, festivals that haven't announced anything aren't just going to drop Placebo out of thin air, similarly Placebo. If that band has already announced some shows, there's no reason why they wouldn't be in yesterday's announcement other than a pending UK tour and I can't imagine Puscifer, or Placebo, announcing a substantial UK tour any time soon. Given Placebo are still on their 20 year anniversary tour which has already toured here and there's no real demand for a Puscifer tour.
  18. Tbh, I haven't listened to F8 yet and because I didn't hear anything about it I assumed it was a flop. (I wasn't THAT keen on their release before F8 either) I'll give it a go.
  19. There's no reason they'd be held back if they've already announced European shows. It'll be someone yet to announce EU festival shows. Same with Dropkick Murphy's, subbing Hellfest (I think) they would've been announced for DL yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if BFMV didn't play DL ever again, they're not going to get the slots they believe they deserve (sub / headline). I don't even think they're big enough to headline 2nd. I'd love it to be Architects but I think it's more likely going to be someone like FFDP.
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