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  1. it's not real, obviously, but I'm looking forward to seeing how they format the poster. Might be something mad coolesque as opposed to standard poster. Otherwise it looks as though the second main stage is the second stage.
  2. Oh piss. Disclosure coheadlined. Edit - Turns out I removed them from my six anyway.
  3. This is my final 6. I think Billie is rescheduling her EU tour for July.(LG is a given)
  4. If you gave any of us a 2 hours live stream tonight, we could all curate a playlist that would cover at least some of the lineup including headliners.
  5. Edit. Tyler the creator BMTH Dua Lipa Dave HAIM
  6. I'm a big courteeners fan. Seen them more times than I can count. BUT. Melvin said he's wiped the slate clean and started again. Some lower bands will return because they've 'blown up' and deserve to be heard. Courteeners haven't 'blown up' so don't warrant the bump up to headline, if we're using Melvin's words. Hopefully this is correct and they just sub again.
  7. I'm excited for the first time in 7 years. Well done, Melvin. This might top Cho Sued if implemented well with a solid lineup including Dua Lipa being bumped up.
  8. Not if it's announced and features a couple of videos / live clips.
  9. Might kill off rumours of Coldplay touring...
  10. Can never read those words without thinking of Rihanna S&M. Rihanna confirmed.
  11. Glasto lineup is: - Muse - Florence - AM According to the Glasto thread. Could Mad Cool be; Wed: Muse - Twenty one Pilots - Placebo Thurs: Billie Eilish - Killers - Deftones Fri: Mumford & sons - Florence & The Machine - Faith No More Sat: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Pixies - Royal Blood
  12. Payment has been difficult to work out though, Messi wants his payment to be raised to his Bermudan bank account via Western Union.
  13. Still don't know who's going to slot in on Mumford Day. Can't help but think that's going to be a dance artist given the rest of the lineup that day.. Mumford, Alt J, London Grammar.
  14. Best Thrash band for decades, not just years. Incredibly sad.
  15. #1 on iTunes and #1 on Amazon music chart with a chance of being the only independent band with a debut album in the UK Top 40 albums chart. Find out tonight if they made it! Marsicans - Ursa Major!
  16. I'm Hawk-Bare-93 on last.fm. Edit : I'll follow anyone that follows me.
  17. Nobody at Leeds or Reading would be interested, unfortunately.
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