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  1. Someone in Sziget thread just said Empire of The Sun are playing Sziget... WOULD LOVE THEM TO PLAY LEEDS.
  2. I don't think I'll bother reading, and keeping up with, the 2021 thread.
  3. Rex Orange County has released a "pony" album since he last played, the bump up to headline NME isn't warranted. Migos' stock has plummeted since they were 3rd down on main stage, their last album was a travesty and their last performance was so sub par (only played at Leeds for what felt like 20mins) I personally believe Dan wouldn't just drop all the info at once, why would he 2 weeks before the announcement when he has everyone on this thread panting? It must be hilarious for him. Wouldn't be surprised at all to see the info "adapt" over the course of the next week, like it has done so much already. P.s Fuck you for mentioning Rage, Dan.😂😭 (No idea if emojis work on here now)
  4. If Dan has done us royally here, we need to get revenge. What kind of poison says "I'm really glad I feel perfectly fine after a 15min NDE and that there are no long term, or short term, effects after ingesting the poison but shit! I better not mess with those guys again"
  5. But isn't that why the lineup is delayed? ... 😵
  6. If I had the power Dan had, I would do exactly the same. The old Carrot on a stick. He'll tell us the date of the announcement, definitively, a couple of days before the social media channels. He'll also tell us the headliners then too. If Dan posts at midnight tonight with the 3 headliners and a few other names, I'll literally eat a hat (not my hat)
  7. Even if he comes back and posts, we won't be sure if he's chatting or not until lineup is announced.
  8. This is the first time I've felt alive all year, don't do this to me.
  9. Hawky

    2020 headliners

    Absolutely nothing to take from that... ... but cool that you spoke to him.
  10. 100,000 to book Snoop on a non-exclusive basis. ... well he was in 2016 and his stock hasn't exactly changed since then.
  11. Haha. Faith in humanity restored. Go Efests!
  12. Never been before, never tried to get tickets, and I am absolutely sh***ing myself. Felt quietly confident until I just scrolled through the last 5 pages and realised the lengths people go to to secure tickets. That being said, I have learnt a lot. Thank you
  13. Come saturday night the helpfulness of this thread will slowly fade and make way for a new attitude: "leave the injured behind".
  14. Hawky

    2020 headliners

    Would make sense to do both. Discuss the book, then announce a headliner. Prime time ad space for the target market.
  15. Hawky

    2020 wishlists

    Warren Ellis hinted at Grinderman coming back... ?
  16. Hawky

    2020 headliners

    Least I'd get to the front of pretty much any other stage ? ... then have to live with the crippling regret of not seeing Elton John.
  17. Can imagine some of these have been mentioned but here are 6 songs from this year that stick out: False Heads - Slease WMC - Teeth WIVES - Servants False Advertising - Influenza Dry Cleaning - Sit Down Meal Marsicans - Your Eyes Hopefully they all make it on to the 2020 bill.
  18. Last 2 years i've camped at blue, just because its closest to the village and near the arena. What do you guys camp at? and why? What about Reading What's the best there?
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