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  1. Never been here, is it a good site? Is it Latitude but for moshers?
  2. Leeds venue couldn't be more perfect, five min walk from mine.
  3. I know who's headlining and it's massively disappointing imo.
  4. Mcfly will play earlier in the day
  5. He tweeted today though buzzing for it
  6. Carti at Alt billed as his only London show in 2021...
  7. The formatting of the word "Maneskin" makes me feel Ill.
  8. Interested to see who the 'bigger' Special guest will be... Wouldn't be surprised if It was due to be Biffy.
  9. There's a reason why dance has moved to mainstage and metal has moved to the pit.
  10. This. I don't want to commit to anyone until it's confirmed. Mainly Spiritbox. I want to see Spiritbox 😂
  11. You can't be shocked that replacements has been the main topic of conversation. Nobody is coming into this thread, after months away, and trudging through all the past pages especially given how quickly the world picture is changing.
  12. I reckon tomorrow we'll get a one month today tweet at 12, if not earlier.
  13. Went past other day and could see signs on a roundabout near.
  14. "How well do you know each other? #family" *Vin Diesel meme*
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