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  1. No regrets but in hindsight would have watched Frank Turner instead of hanging around the fringes of Fatboy Slim. And got times mixed up so got to Lizzie an hour early, had passed Low Island on Greenpeace on the way. Liked their sound, wish I’d hung about cos I wasn’t arsed with Slowthai.
  2. We’re planning on doing some travelling later this year and beyond. The realisation that we won’t be able to go to Glastonbury in the foreseeable future has now dawned on us. Is anyone aware of any festivals in sub-Saharan Africa? Most likely South Africa. Between January and May. Lake of the Stars in Malawi always looks interesting, but it’s in September. 1975 headlining Rocking The Daisies near Cape Town this year, but it’s October, and we’ll have moved on by October 2020 Appreciate this might be a bit specialist, but who’s better to ask than the efests community. Cheers in advance.
  3. Green.flash

    Celeb spotting

    Mostly though, I could be chatting to someone famous and not even realise. Always much shorter and less conspicuous than I’d have imagined.
  4. Green.flash

    Celeb spotting

    Annie Mac was sat next to us sheltering from the sun in Glasto Latino before Lizzo. And there was some bloke from Mamma Mia at the top of Strummerville for Frank Turner (spotted by a couple of our group - I have no idea).
  5. Also, someone did a shit on the table yesterday.
  6. Sorry, battery failure, that last message has expired. Anyone got the crows nest list for today? I can’t have the trek from west Holts
  7. Let’s Eat Grandma cancelled at the last minute. Gutted.
  8. What worries me is the bands I do want to see on the smaller stages eg Let’s Eat Grandma, Elvana, Beans On Toast, loads of Williams Green and some of the mooted tbas might be stupidly rammed. Like some have said, there’s very few ‘not to be missed’, the change of mindset for me is letting it all just roll.
  9. I’m in the same boat, excited by the possibilities but apprehensive about leaving the comfort of the big five stages. 2017 I had a full clash finder, this year I’m going exploring.
  10. Green.flash

    Hot Chip

    Ace, will definitely get up there this year.
  11. Green.flash

    Hot Chip

    Never been up the Crows Nest. How easy is it to get into/rammed is it?
  12. Green.flash

    Hot Chip

    Yeah, never took to that song til I saw it live. Immense.
  13. Green.flash

    Hot Chip

    Were they any good yesterday?
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