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  1. Agree - total nightmare for us as love both bands equally. Add Example into the mix as well - might have to pull names out of a hat on the day or just see where we end up! There are odd spots all over Saturday and Sunday
  2. Amazing line-up for Sunday, especially now Embrace have been announced as well - yep, it's gonna be clash city for us! Hoping it will be a reverse of last year, when it got overcrowded on the Saturday though. Stoked and excited!
  3. Totally underwhelmed doesn't come close! The nearest I will get to going this year will be Foals, with an amazing undercard, if it's announced. Otherwise it's pretty snorze-ville. Victorious has a much better line up 🙂
  4. Thanks Sam217 - It was definitely Crystal Tides, I knew they were a local band because they mentioned Craig David being a "scummer" at the time - they were quality - that was how to smash a car park apart in the afternoon! Will look up The Royston Club and see what they are like 🙂
  5. I am pretty stoked with the whole line-up overall, apart from Nutini headlining Saturday - I don't get that one, but then again I was hoping for Biffy lol or at least Franz Ferdinand! Against Nutini though, Bastille are amazingly popular - putting them on the Castle Stage could be a massive mistake - we couldn't get anywhere near the main stage to see them at IOW 2019 or at Latitude last year for the re-orchestrated. I have some juggling acts to do, especially on Sunday. Who were the rock/indie band I loved last year that played on the tiny stage in the car park bit on Saturday, around mid-afternoon and absolutely smashed it? That's what I love about this particular festival - always something new to discover!
  6. The only decent thing about autumn/winter (apart from comfort food) is over analysing who is gonna play where, so here are my thoughts. Not been to Reading for a couple of years cos the line-ups have been pretty weak for me, or I've seen it all before. Still hopeful for at least 1 day next year... Foals - could happen as a headliner. Smashed the bejesus out of Ally Pally and I also think the smaller upcoming gigs are deliberate. Catfish could sub-head on one day or co-head. Seen them a few times and 3 times out of 4 they smashed it. Popular with the tweenagers (and me, even though I am no longer a tweenager, but I think and act like one!) The Strokes - yeah, I would love to see them, but it would have to be a good all-round day to tempt me there. Apparently did a good set at All Points East and went down well with all ages. Blur? Hmmm. They'd be better off doing Castle Park in Colchester to cut their fine teeth again. BMTH - massive disappointment for me as I love a lot of their songs, saw them a couple of years ago at Sziget and they didn't play 2 of their most pivotal songs and they are a just a bit too much 30STM live... I predict Foals for Friday, Stormzy for Saturday and I could see the curveball being Coldplay for Sunday as they are releasing new material very soon.
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