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  1. Andre91

    Download 2019

    Parkway Drive are absolutely on their way to headlining. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are big enough for it on their next album cycle, so probably looking at 4 years away at least. I’m going to put down my three headliners for 2019 as of now just incase I end up being on the money this far out Bring Me The Horizon, Rammstein, KISS.
  2. Andre91

    Download 2019

    It’s got to be Horizon’s time, surely. Especially if they have a new album out.
  3. Andre91

    Download 2019

    It’s got to be Horizon’s time, surely. Especially if they have a new album out.
  4. Andre91

    Download 2019

    Rammstein’s album is going to be out by the end of the year so I think that puts them firmly in the frame unless they decide to hit up a big arena tour.
  5. Andre91

    Download 2019

    BMTH, Slipknot & Iron Maiden. Chance of Kiss and Rammstein too I’d say.
  6. Andre91

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Guns N Roses Biffy Clyro
  7. Andre91

    Download 2018

    Weird comment. He just prefers dream State. I listened to Dream State after some guys camped behind us kept going on about them but I don’t like them at all. They’re just Tonight Alive from a few years ago.
  8. Andre91

    Download 2018

    Greta Van Fleet are going to blow up something ridiculous. They will be mid main stage next time they play, I would wager on it.
  9. Andre91

    2018 Reccomendations

    Black Peaks.
  10. Andre91

    Download 2019

    With MCR being a pipedream, realistically, Bring Me The Horizon subbed by Architects is what is needed on the Friday. It'd be so good for the UK scene.
  11. Andre91

    Download 2019

    My Chemical Romance / Enter Shikari / Architects / Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes / While She Sleeps / State Champs / Milk Teeth Ghost / Behemoth Slipknot / Five Finger Death Punch / Trivium / Lamb of God / Coheed and Cambria / Code Orange / Power Trip / Cane Hill Within Temptation / Alestorm KISS / Judas Priest / Halestorm / Clutch / Amon Amarth / Arch Enemy / Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown / The Raven Age Killswitch Engage / Gojira I considered having Don Broco as a second stage headliner.
  12. Andre91

    Download 2019

    Download is a different place now. They wouldn’t get bottled. They’d get a hero’s welcome, I am absolutely certain.
  13. Andre91

    Download 2018

    Synyster Gates is the only genuine guitar hero of the 21st Century. He is absolutely outstanding.
  14. Andre91

    Download 2019

    MCR for Download 2019.
  15. Andre91

    Download 2019

    No they couldn’t. They aren’t anywhere near headliner size. I think they’d be an excellent sub, however.