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  1. With the announcement that Reading - Leeds will have 6 headliners it must be time for people to realise the festival is there to subsidise R&L excess. It’s made my mind up to not go - for the first time since 2007
  2. Just a quick question from me - having attended a few of the themed weekends at Butlins and enjoyed them all, what’s everyone’s else’s feelings about them if attended? I read all the reviews on here and generally they are great. A load of us that met at Glastonbury are doing Rockaway Beach for the 2nd year in Jan So - is this the future of all year round festivals if ‘festival’ is the correct term
  3. Gladly! I’ll happily sing till 6am with the others (“,)
  4. I loved Bearded and fully enjoyed many different things that other people probably didn’t. I’ve been going to festivals for over 30 years and the diversity, choice, differences are what makes festivals great. If we all wanted the same thing there would be no need for other stages. im sorry but I felt the review simplified one persons experience. To call the Magic Tea Pot punters morons is very narrow minded and unfair. My opinion granted, but each to their own fella....seeing idiots mosh pitting during the Oh Sees whilst kids were in the vicinity is moronic - no reference to that I see.
  5. I genuinely felt Latitude had turned a corner last year. The later stuff in the woods was top notch so I’m hoping that the additional acts later will make up for the beige across the lake. I’ve done 10 on the trot, I’ll probably end up going again but feel it’s gone backwards. Don’t get me wrong, Slaves, Cat Power, Nadine Shah to name a few are worth it - Underworld (my fave gig of 2017) are a catch although as special guests, I genuinely hope they are given the whole arena to smash the hell out of Henham and not a token half hour on the sunrise at midnight. TBH the headliner
  6. My 11th Latitude Plus points: New comedy arena and food was better. The late night DJs and acts were top marks Minus points: They need more water points and campsite toilets need renewal All in all, its not EOTR, it’s not Glastonbury, it’s not Boomtown. It is what it is. Yes it’s full of luvlies doing the festival thing, yes it’s an arena set up, but for me, it’s an opportunity for me to relax, chill, take in something different and appreciate one of the best festival venues out there without worrying about twats throwing piss or overcrowded campsites. I do Glastonb
  7. Same here. Its a good place to watch stuff mid afternoon whilst waiting about or just to eat!!
  8. Welcome to Latitude!! They will probably be up on July 10th!
  9. Im with you there! Ill be parked up to watch on BT App! Its going to clash with Sleaford Mods and Plant, but - im not missing it for anything!! Apologies to the purists!
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