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  1. fluff164

    Latitude 2018

    My 11th Latitude Plus points: New comedy arena and food was better. The late night DJs and acts were top marks Minus points: They need more water points and campsite toilets need renewal All in all, its not EOTR, it’s not Glastonbury, it’s not Boomtown. It is what it is. Yes it’s full of luvlies doing the festival thing, yes it’s an arena set up, but for me, it’s an opportunity for me to relax, chill, take in something different and appreciate one of the best festival venues out there without worrying about twats throwing piss or overcrowded campsites. I do Glastonbury each year and other festivals too. I enjoy Latitude as much as the others because I know what to expect. The line up will never compete with some others as the arts side takes up a lot of the budget, but over the years they have given chances to certain acts to top the bill and for that I’ll always appreciate it. It is what it is
  2. fluff164

    Latitude 2018

    Same here. Its a good place to watch stuff mid afternoon whilst waiting about or just to eat!!
  3. fluff164

    Latitude 2018

    Welcome to Latitude!! They will probably be up on July 10th!
  4. fluff164

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Im with you there! Ill be parked up to watch on BT App! Its going to clash with Sleaford Mods and Plant, but - im not missing it for anything!! Apologies to the purists!
  5. fluff164

    Latitude 2018

    Hi I go each year as well as many other festivals such as Glastonbury and this year Boomtown too. For me its my chance to really relax and chill at what I believe to be one of the best venues for a festival. The woods, the lake, the whole layout is great. Run by festival republic, its run well. Toilets are clean, facilities all work! Its got a middle class rep and thats slightly unfair in a way. Okay there are your arty farty types, but its a 50-50 split between music and arts! Its to be expected. Its no more Hunter welly, Henry and Henrietta than Glasto where many are purely there to get a badge of honour. Latitude is a very family friendly set up but at the same time delivers alot of what people want. I view it as Glasto's younger sister! Its got music, but also debates, theatre and art. You go where you want and see what you want without worrying about being hit with a flying cup of piss if you're at the front of the stage! If you're after a brilliant music line up fun of Marque acts. Not for you. If you want to rave all day and night - not for you. If you want something with a bit of each and don't give a fluck about massive headliners - its for you. The music stops around midnight, but the woods come alive til 3am and the Comedy & Cabaret tents are going til then too. The site is very sizeable. Walking from the main arena entrance to the Camper-van field generally takes about 15 - 20 mins depending on how much booze you've had! Google Latitude aerial shots and see from above. It is an arena system where only small bottles of sealed pop are allowed in (not that this stops booze being sneaked in) but in the camp sites you can take in what you want. The only look out for me is use the lockers especially on the first night. The guy in the tent next to me got his wallet pinched last year while he was in his tent and was told he was one of about 18 on the first night. No reports after that of other thefts. With the rep being middle class and tickets usually not selling out, the opportunity for arseholes to tent hop is fairly high.
  6. fluff164

    Latitude 2018

    I wouldn't hold your breath unless you're expecting Duran Duran! Knowing Melvyn Benn's idea of an exclusive, any other announcements will be some random arsed 'award winning' eastern European act youve never heard of or Duran Duran
  7. fluff164

    Latitude 2018

    Another Pish Poor attempt. Very cheap.....The Latitude cash cow continues
  8. fluff164

    Camping Alone? Join us (Camp Solo)

    do the BUMP!
  9. fluff164

    Camping Alone? Join us (Camp Solo)

    You also get to play 'which member of Camp Solo is that face down in the mud'? Ryan.....
  10. fluff164

    Camping Alone? Join us (Camp Solo)

  11. fluff164

    Camping Alone? Join us (Camp Solo)

    Get yourselves into the Camp Solo whats-app group when @Scully replies as there will be lots of people ready and willing to help in the resale.....
  12. fluff164

    Latitude Festival 2017

    As in not the Chelsea tractor and hunter welly brigade!
  13. fluff164

    Latitude Festival 2017

    That's fantastic! They failed to mention the 'Alt' uniform of Hunter Wellies, cut down jeans (for the Felicitys) and neck beads (for the Ruperts). The festival has dropped a mighty bollock this year with a line up that will please the Latte-tuders and black olive brigade but alienate genuine festival folk.
  14. fluff164

    Camping Alone? Join us (Camp Solo)

    Wanna take this higher...!
  15. fluff164

    New Order

    I've seen Peter Hook & The Light twice now and both times were fantastic and over two hours long. Both Joy Division & New Order stuff was top notch and delivered better than Barney ever has! No whooping or whistling......