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    visionary art, psychedelic culture, global gatherings, alternative medicine, quantum physics, science, spirituality, alchemy, environmentalism, ecology, bamboo, psy dub ambient chill, psychedelic trance, Goa trance, nu-goa, psybreaks, dubstep, Intelligent Dance Music, sustainable solutions, eco energy, holistic practices, healing
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  2. Boom Festival

    Boom Festival

    A selection of images of the Boom Festival over the years...
  3. GREETINGS beautiful people and welcome to the very first e-festivals blog entry by the Boom Festival! Many of the artists for some of the areas have already been booked while other areas continue to be developed as we go full swing into creative mode. It's a very, very exciting time behind the scenes right now as we anticipate the thousands of "Boomers" that will be converging around the infamous lake here in Portugal - and as we also begin to plan the epic-scale structures of the different stages that will be hosting so many of the artists, DJs, producers, performers, bands etc! The fusion between structures, art, music and performance is gonna be epic... yeehaaa! Over at the Dance Temple, we go back to the old school, crank up the volume and welcome home the truest pioneers of the Goa trance movement... From "Trip to Tranceylvania" to latest album "We Interface" - X-Dream have continued to evolve in the most mysterious ways... Older...? Yes. Madder? We’d say genius… Still as gutsy? Most definitely! They’ll rewind the classics and conjure up the magic with that psychedelic sound of yore … These guys will ROCK the dance floor, so you’d better make sure you’re on it when they do! In the meantime, have a bounce around yer living room (hehe!) to one of their most all-time classics: Our Own Happiness... Enjoy! ;-) ♥ Watch this space for more beats and pieces, including music treats, updates and all the latest info on the development of the Boom as we go full power into production and get ready for this year's Boom Festival! LoVe Only The Boom Team
  4. Boom Festival

    The Boom Festival

    A collection of images taken over various years at the Boom Festival.