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  1. guitarbhoy1888

    Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    anyone ever been to warrington? whats the parking situation like? went to book a hotel in warrington and it went from available to not in an hour so needing to book elsewhere and i reckon driving in will be cheaper than buses (not planning on staying in manc or liverpool)
  2. guitarbhoy1888

    `earache express` on its way .....

    Queued 45 minutes for glen Matlock after the queue woman told us we would definitely make it in. Turns out she was off by roughly 50 people. Gutted. Ended up catching a great rockabilly band further down though so not all bad
  3. guitarbhoy1888

    Driving home...

    Got out of the car park at 1030 with traffic flowing freely then got stuck crawling from the m5 right through to the m6 at about Preston. Fucking nightmare. Hopefully home before half 8!
  4. guitarbhoy1888

    Blues at Glasto 2017

    Came across a band called z star delta in a tent in the park before Radiohead. Two piece of a guy and girl. Great energy about them, will definitely be giving them a bigger listen
  5. guitarbhoy1888

    Overheard funnies

    In the tipi fields at an open mic bout 1am Friday when an Irish guy starts pouring his heart out about a song he's written about his hometown and how dodgy it is etc etc. He starts off ok but about 40 seconds in, drops the guitar apologises and tells us he's no chance of finishing because the mushrooms had kicked in.
  6. guitarbhoy1888

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Just walked away after about 40 minutes. Went in with an open mind as not a fan. Am I missing something because that was absolute dogshit to me...
  7. guitarbhoy1888

    confirmed food vendors 2017

    Had great chicken balls and rice just past the pyramid stage? Maybe other but sure it's pyramid.
  8. guitarbhoy1888

    What to do tonight (Wednesday)

    So whats everyone up to? Anything people suggest making your way to see? Heard a band on worthy fm earlier playing shitv tonight called tankus the henge who sound great but can't see much other than that I fancy
  9. guitarbhoy1888

    Gate D Status thread 2017

    Well over 1000 at gate d right now. And still packing in. What's he chances of an early opening?
  10. guitarbhoy1888

    Do NOT do two trips!!!!

    Wasn't that the proper search? The impression I got was that we've now been searched and just need to hand over tickets etc in the morning. No more searches...
  11. guitarbhoy1888

    The 'Journey to Glastonbury 2017' thread.

    I meant that as before 9. An overturned lorry on the m6 has massively changed that!!
  12. guitarbhoy1888

    The 'Journey to Glastonbury 2017' thread.

    Currently en route from Glasgow bout halfway there. Didn't expect traffic to be so smooth so thinking we'll arrive before car parks open!!! On another note nearest asda we could stop at?
  13. guitarbhoy1888

    Queens of the Stone Age

    been refreshing since 9 and can't get a thing for edinburgh. any other presales happening?
  14. guitarbhoy1888

    J-Corbz Petition

    Apparently introducing rtj on pyramid as well
  15. guitarbhoy1888


    Would you just say there's enough space around campsites for fires though? I keep telling myself you'll be waking up to your next door neighbour tents are that close!!