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  1. Yeah, anything like this would be fine. Only issue I suppose is that you immediately have a few people not paying, which means less money in the bank for the festival and more tickets in the resale pot. Not sure how problematic that would be for them. EDIT: Maybe they could bump the deposit up to £60 to cover this? The overall ticket price has gone up a lot with the deposit staying the same so far, after all.
  2. When I opened this thread I thought it would be about the idea of not having payment at the same time as getting through with the 6 registrations. Everyone gets their confirmation email, and then they have a week to pay their £50. One less screen to crash on during the ridiculous scrum.
  3. Found it (turns out it was all being discussed in the now-defunct Brexit thread): I'm not scared of agreeing with you. Hell, you talk plenty of sense on occasion. If I did say scared (I honestly don't think I did, but then I was pretty drunk) it was because I didn't want my festival to be put on a downer by someone whose main form of communication is insults. Are you proud that you scared someone into that position? You seem to be. You constantly treat people on here like shit for disagreeing with you, when almost nobody else acts the same, and there's nowhere to go with it because you're the moderator. Doesn't matter if I think you're correct in your objections sometimes or not, it sucks. Now I have a tonne of errands to run before Green Man tomorrow so that's my piece. See ya.
  4. Just catching up post-Boomtown. You’ve come to this conclusion because my friend (out of politeness, I guess) left off the second half of my sentence: ”I could go and talk to Neil about how he was right about Corbyn, but that would mean wasting my time at Glastonbury with an asshole.” You believe what you want. Only one of us here has ever voted for a Corbyn-led Labour Party, and it’s not me. I’ve literally said in this thread that the best thing for Labour now would be for him to drop dead. I was in favour of his policy positions pre-Brexit for sure, but that hasn’t been worth his leadership failings, undoubtedly. Ultimately you were right about that. Is this what you want from me? Will you stop wasting your life being a dickhead to people on your own website all day now? I doubt it.
  5. So the Barnett - Low clash comes to pass. And I was already seeing Kate at Boomtown. Drat.
  6. Don’t worry, I’ve viewed this thread for long enough to know that Neil tends not to look before he leaps if it means he can slag people off while defending Tories.
  7. I think the point now is that there are mutterings of Johnson refusing to resign even if an alternative government is cobbled together in the 14 days after he loses a VONC in September. Seems there is technically no obligation to do so under the FTPA. Would be serious constitutional crisis territory if it happened.
  8. Their Christmas party on the Sunday is always solid gold.
  9. I’m well up for Grouch In Dub, after hearing a snippet as I walked past the Glade at Glastonbury. And Kate Tempest’s new album is incredible, if I don’t cry when she’s on I’ll be amazed. Generally a strong lineup for me this year, moreso than 2018. Looking at Prophets of Rage, The Streets, Groove Armada, Dreadzone, Goldie Lookin Chain (lol), Four Tet, Killing Joke, Therapy?, Cancer Bats, Little Simz, Blackalicious. Definitely enough to keep busy in between trips to the Psy Woods and Job Centre
  10. Thanks 🙏 - she’s going to drop them an email on the off chance. Seems like a stupid ticket process when National Express are still doing coaches, but hey ho.
  11. So I've just convinced my sister to come (yay!) and she's bought one of the Public Transport saver tickets with return shuttle bus from Winchester - all it said under the coach options was 'contact National Express' so this was her only way of getting a saver ticket. However, if you go on the National Express website they are still selling coaches to the fest from Bristol, seemingly at the same times as the ones you were able to buy on ticketsellers. And these are £19.50 return, whereas a train from Bristol to Winchester is £40 return even with a railcard, and you need to change at Reading. So I guess I have two questions, in the unlikely event anyone on here can help! 1. It'll be fine for her to buy one of these coaches through National Express and then get in on her Public Transport saver ticket, even though she didn't actually use the transport method she paid for when she bought the ticket, right? 2. If (1) is fine, any point trying to contact them and get the £11 for the shuttle bus back? Side note: I am now very very excited as we're two weeks away. Remembering how amazing the place actually is. Can't wait.
  12. Stormzy over Tame Impala. The former looked great on TV, although it still would’ve been a lot of songs I’m not massively into to be honest. But so much more upbeat and a big moment for grime and the festival so definitely the better choice compared to all the slow songs on the Other.
  13. I have either one, two or three tickets to sell at face value (£39 each) to the Castlefield Bowl gig next week if anyone fancies it - drop me a DM EDIT: Only one left!
  14. I don’t actually expect her to be back for a while, but Sharon Van Etten absolutely anywhere in the dark please. Or fuck it, let her blast Hands like that again through the Pyramid speakers and watch the field crumble to dust.
  15. I only really tried to sleep between about 5am and 8am each day, and not at all on Sunday night, so thankfully not an issue!
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