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  1. I’m pissed off with Corbyn too, but he wasn’t asked to rate how against Brexit he was. He was asked how positive about the EU he is, and to be honest 7/10 is a pretty reasonable answer to that. If someone said they were 10/10 in favour of the EU, despite all of its negatives (aspects of the Common Agricultural Policy, coziness to bankers, inability to reform, etc), I’m not sure I’d take them that seriously. I’m fairly militantly Remain, been on several of the marches, think a federal United States Of Europe would be cool, etc, but I wouldn’t say 10/10 if I was asked the question Corbyn was.
  2. Shitv is still gonna be there, it’s on the final poster
  3. theevilfridge

    2019 Map

    Half of Camp Arcadia behind the Park being officially designated crew camping - problems for our group as that’s our usual spot! Possibly tied in to Bimble Inn and Rabbit Hole swapping positions.
  4. Haha, Drenge are incredible too to be fair - I've seen them 13 times! And I reckon they'll be there, maybe on the Park as they haven't done it before, or (hopefully not) very early Other.
  5. Fingers crossed The Waste Exchange, Swapermarket and No Sense Embassy are microvenues! I trust that the design for Scum will be up there with the Express train carriage from last time, and that it'll only open post-headliners - hyped for Employed To Serve in there. Gojira is a huge booking, and IDLES will be a moment. Plus everyone should check out Henge - so much fun. This has got me proper excited. IT'S NEXT MONTH
  6. It is pretty grim that none of the three headliners have put out anything anyone really cares about since last time they played (apologies to any big fans of The Cure’s post-94 output...I’m sure some exist). I suppose the issue is that Stormzy was the one who was meant to provide that spark, and it hasn’t yet materialised.
  7. Such a fun band. John Peel/ Park / William’s Green / Hell?
  8. Apologies if there is a more up-to-date Stormzy thread than this, but I was just wondering...where exactly is this second album of his? Surely it needs to actually be out before the festival? I haven’t heard a whisper.
  9. I have some sympathy for the view that No Deal should be on the ballot of any further referendum as, tragically, it has a decent level of public support. And then I remember that it will threaten supplies of cancer treatment isotopes, insulin, my own Crohn’s disease medication, etc, and I think no. This is not something people should be permitted to misguidedly vote for. There is a line to acceptable political ideas and this is past it.
  10. Didn't Scottish Labour return money to the Treasury when they were in power at Holyrood?
  11. I’m gonna have to go to All Points East for Danny Brown aren’t I Still hopeful SOPHIE will be added. I think if just one of Weezer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Aphex Twin has been on the poster I’d be way more excited about things than I am.
  12. You can’t revoke Article 50 and keep open the possibility of leaving (e.g. via a May’s Deal / Remain referendum). It was taken to court and decided it can only be unilaterally revoked if the country is actually definitely intending to stay. So the People’s Vote campaign is extension or bust. I think the government would now be in contempt of Parliament if things default to No Deal? So if it gets to, say, 28 March without anything else being passed and May refuses to revoke Article 50 (‘permanently’) then she ought to be removed from office. I don’t actually think Brexit Day being 30 June is very likely at all.
  13. Yes, exactly. You measure the lineup yourself, against the cost, and decide whether it’s worth it. But can’t you see how a lineup can be good value even if it’s not to your personal taste? If Victorious announced Fleetwood Mac instead of New Order I’d be saying wow, £35 for that is incredible, even though I would then not be buying a ticket myself, because I like New Order and I don’t like Fleetwood Mac*. Your own opinion on the bands at Slam Dunk and the bands at Victorious isn’t the best way to judge their inherent value for money, beyond your own personal decision on which ticket you buy. *Well, I might, because I’d still want to see The Futureheads etc. But you get the point.
  14. Keep your hair on, I literally agree with you. Of course you should choose the pricier ticket if there’s more things you want to see there. That’s what my post says. Doesn’t make it a good measure of how objectively strong the lineups are relative to their cost, though.
  15. In shocking news, I have learned above that spending any amount to see a band you do like is better personal value for money than spending less to see a band you don’t like. More at 10.
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