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  1. Yeah, I haven't blogged in a while, couldn't be arsed. So on saturday Deutsche Harru moved into my house, I went to a wedding do on saturday evening, then had a meal in York on sunday, and a meal in Sheffield on monday before going out drinking with Sophie, harru and some work mates. Today is mine and Sophies one year together so its all good.
  2. This may be a long blog entry, there is a lot on my mind, and none of it's of a depressing style. Lets start with Leeds, it was cool this year, but overcrowded for sure. I'd like to thank all the efesters who made the weekend really fun. The bands I saw were all pretty cool, none really disappointed so thats good. Didn't get all that drunk this year, due to my being with Sophie really, don't know why, it just seemed to work out that way. Dunno if i'll be there next year, going for glasto and leeds needs an improvement for me to return for a 5th consecutive year. I think I may have actually slept better at leeds than I usually do at home. Leeds was a bit of a test for Sophie and I, as it was the longest time we'd spent together, and let's just say we passed it with flying colours, but now we're missing each other like crazy, I can't wait til we live together, pity thats like a year away, but it will be worth the wait. OK, I've just discovered you can't tab for the indents when you start new paragraphs on this. Since returning from Leeds I've grown possibly fonder of my guitar, and have spent the majority of today working on a song, It's sounding good so far, but I've only really done the lead guitar part of it. I think that's about all I have to say, nobody broke into my house while I was away, which was nice.
  3. not the guy who goes into costume shops and goes to magical worlds, the organiser of the Festivale de Leeds or words to that effect. Just hours away woooooo!
  4. I am knackered and I better get a good nights sleep tonight, Leeds is extremely f**king nigh! I have to make sure I take a big dump before I go to leeds as well, the less pooing I do there, the better. I'm cranky from the lack of sleep last night and I have a headache.
  5. well i went and got my new Humbucker from the sorting office this morning (humbucker = electric guitar pickup) and installed it when I got home, after some frustrating soldering and a spring to the eye I had finished. Restrung it and tested each string as I went. Dear god, my guitar has never sounded so good, the DiMarzio PAF Pro is a really warm sparkly sounding pickup which sounds amazing with gain, really suits the guitar better than the Parker custom DiMarzio humbucker.
  6. So I realised something, I haven't cried since December, when my Granddad died, and I feel inside sometimes like theres loads of tears just dying to be released, but nothing lets them out. Now it's not like I want a reason for a good cry, I just want a good cry, I know it'll help me sleep; I am Jack's supressed emotion, hiding in the background for none to see. I also realised that I'm afraid to say what I really mean, for fear of repercussion, you know, like on a job application and they tell you to be honest, and there's no wrong answer A customer asks you to reach something from the top shelf, what do you do? A: stand on a kickstool and retrieve the product B: kick their shins, even if in a wheelchair C: fake a foreign language and walk away D: stand on a kickstool, get the product, and hold it just out of the customer's reach# well it's not A now is it?
  7. Woken up by a man at my window this morning, thankfully I have curtains. I wouldn't mind if my landlord would give me notice of when he's sending blokies round for stuff rather than just having them come here unannounced. I missed yet another delivery today, this is happening all the time now, I think it's a guitar pickup most likely (DiMarzio PAF PRO) but it may be some other thing that I forgot I ordered. My backs a bit sore and its Leeds on Wednesday!!!!!
  8. i just looked at that and laughed that's fantastic
  9. i'm gonna ask the neighbours to keep an eye (and ear out). plus i'm gonna hide my guitar and X360. I mean, my doors are all lockable, but who know's what they might try eh? informing the police will most likely boost the cost of insurance unfortunately, assuming this particular group have been targeting houses in the area, the police may already be aware and keeping an eye on it.
  10. OK so I have no proof but everything points to it. about 1am last night theres some loud banging on our front door, I assume they'll go away after a while. But they knock again, so I go downstairs, and by the time I've reached the bottom, I hear the sound of footsteps running to the street outside, along with what sounds like a big bag being dragged behind them. Now I think this seems the logical explanation: thieves wanting to ensure nobody's home/ everyones deeply asleep or drunkenly passed out. They find out there's somebody in and they scarper before I can confront them. Is it planned though? I mean last time was a Thursday, when theres a good chance I'll be in York, and this time was a Saturday, when I am likely to be having an early night, what with having to be up at 4 to get ready for a 6am shift on Sunday. Nobody ever tried breaking in while I've lived here since last July, so why these two attempts in one month? I reckon someone is behind this, and I have a good idea who as well. This really has been a wake up call to get contents insurance before it's too late, though I don't want to live with a reason to be afraid in my own home.
  11. So yes, 6 more hours at work until I'm off for 12 days for leeds inc. contractual days off. I can't wait til leeds this year, every year it seems to get better, its crazy. still got a fair bit of stuff to do though, it'll be reight in the end though.
  12. So Sophie came over today for a few hours, but she got a migraine and she was in agony with it, the poor thing. She kept apologising for it, and I kept telling her not to apologise, as she couldn't help it. anyway I've not really got a lot to say today, except that spots are seriously shit, i'm quite tired
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    what's a yurt?
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    i dont remember essex looking like that
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    It's That Time Again

    i havent had a leeds dream this year yet i dont think, theyre usually really obscure when i do though.
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