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  1. 3 minutes ago, Huckleberry Finn said:

    Apologies for posting in amongst the regulars, but looking at heading to Werchter for the first time this year.

    Have read that buying tokens in advance works out cheaper than on the site, so obviously I am keen to avoid purchasing any at the festival. Is five tokens for food and one for a [small] beer about right?

    And how many do people typically set aside for each day? The packages of 80 for €200 seems tempting but will 20 a day do based on the above metric?

    1 token = 1 small beer
    Food, it depends on what you're having but foot is quite expansive there. 
    I always buy 120 in advance and then I buy more on Saturday or Sunday when I run out :)

  2. 50 minutes ago, idioteque87 said:

    Right, never really listened to PJ.

    Where to start?

    W00T??? You haven't lived.....with out a shadow of a doubt best band EVER! ;) 

    But Nicklord is right, Ten is probably the way to start...their unplugged concert is another way to go :)


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  3. 4 minutes ago, me9999 said:

    hi guys,

    after long thinking, i decided to skip camping this year for the sake of my back, and book a hotel room.

    is there a reason to book at leuven, if for half the price i can book a room near the airport+rent a car+fuel?

    is there any parking issues near the festivals?



    My 10th year and my group (around 50 ppl this year) always stay at a hotel in Leuven. There are busses that go from the train station in Leuven to the festival site and back all day until the night, about 1-2 hours after last band finishes. If you're not drinking then you can drive to Brussels each night but the other option is much more convenient if you ask me...plush finding a car park close to the festival could be a little hustle every day....

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  4. 56 minutes ago, Radioactive said:

    how could the truth be conisdered offensive :)

    i'm not getting all hyped up like we all do every 2 years and then get dicked by countrries we taught how to play hahaha.

    after the Iceland monstrosity they have some proving to do.

    @Gossard no offence mate


    Non taken, I agree with you that we'll probably not make it out of our group.  But the English team have some kind of a degree in disappointing it's fans, I expect no different this time

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  5. 1 minute ago, Cammers said:

    I just ran a predictor and it had the following for the quarter finals (assuming England and Belgium both survive that far);

    England - Brazil
    Belgium - Germany

    The only way I can see for England to play Belgium again after the groups is in the final! 

    England in the semis, bwahahahahaha......not gonna happen! ;)

  6. 29 minutes ago, Tremousse said:

    Imo Kasabian rumours could be true... Kasabian as sub + a coheadliner for Killers would make sense... Justice for Klub C could justify a non-electro crack on Main Stage...

    Justice played as a main stage dance act after the headliner in 2012.....

  7. 4 minutes ago, Radioactive said:

    looking at pinkpop and guessing we will see some names at rw - sigrid, jess glyne, years and years, - woud all seem cop outs imo. We already have enough of this genre.

    Editors are making me feel they could be Friday closer?

    NG would be good- nothing but thieves were incredible last year so they won't do two years in a row i expect.

    Alan Walker is at victorious so don't mind him not being announced but from what i've heard of him he's good.


    Years and Years are doing Werchter Boutique and Editors TW Classic.....both ruled out.

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