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  1. Forgot to mention that I thought having disposable plastic cups at the bars was pretty poor, and goes against any claims they have of being an environmentally friendly festival. Other similar size/bigger festivals have a system where you get/buy a pint cup for the entire weekend, so i imagine the only reason EOTR don't do that is that they can't be bothered.
  2. It was everything i thought an ariel pink gig would be
  3. First time at EOTR and it was a real real pleasure, can't quite get over how good the music was. Protomartyr, Haley Heynderickx, Shame and the AK/DK vs Snapped Ankles sets were my personal highlights. The snapped ankles set is one of the best i've ever seen. God i wish i could do it all again. Minor gripes about the beer running out; also didn't really rate the overall selection but personal preference. I was working sunday night stuck in the car park so i missed idles but I suppose if i wanted to see everyone i should have bought a ticket. Personal preference but I can't say I fel
  4. Another excellent year. Line up for me wasn't anywhere near as good as last years, but highlights musically were RCBF, phoebe bridgers and King Tuff. PSB really surprised me, although I couldn't get into the tent which was a shame. I was stewarding which was fun. Everyone at the festival is very well behaved I must say. The litter pickers I spoke to were so bored because nobody was dropping rubbish. Had a lot of fun playing with the marauding kids at the main stage on Sunday night. I really enjoyed the divisiveness of fleet foxes and war on drugs as headliners. My thoughts were that they
  5. quiet camping is right by one of the two main entrances, so fills up quite quickly. The main camping area never gets that noisy anyway
  6. well some people are on the gates checking wrist bands so they have to stay pretty still. Others are assigned to a tent or installations so obviously there's scope to walk around a bit. There are only 2 supervisors for a shift so you don't get checked up on much, and even then they're pretty chilled out.
  7. I did shift D last year, the early Friday morning shift was an absolute killer. Nothing happens and you just stand around freezing your arse off. I thought it would be a good idea to get quite drunk before it last year, but i started feeling a bit hungover around 4am so wouldn't recommend doing that.
  8. i find whenever i email festivals about stewarding they never reply. All festival volunteering organisations are a little bit disorganised, but they are defiantly desperate for volunteers, so you'll be more than welcome if you apply. As odessa said it would be worth messaging them on social media if you're worried
  9. this year is also struggling, i got an email begging for the current stewards to get friends to sign up
  10. night shifts stewarding at green man are a real killer as literally nothing happens and you just sit in the cold and stare into space. No worries, already seen war on drugs this year so wasn't that bothered. I know they're a bit unfashionable on here but really looking forward to fleet foxes
  11. pretty good, on shift E. Would have gone for shift A but don't want to miss Teleman or John grant on Saturday evening Here are the shifts btw: Shift A Thursday 0700-1300 Friday 1300-1900 Saturday 1900-0100 Meals Thursday Dinner Friday Breakfast Saturday Lunch Shift B Thursday 1300-1900 Friday 1900-0100 Sunday 0100-0700 Meals
  12. As it happens I got my email last night! I applied in January this year, but last year I applied in June and got second choice and still had a lot of choice.
  13. just checked last year i got the email on the 4th of August. I think last year they were an organiser down so it was a bit later than usual. However it does depend on when you applied, because i think they give early birds first pick of the shifts.
  14. I said after the Friday Erykah Badd was worth the price of admission for the whole weekend. Shouldn't have bothered on the Saturday. So awfully crowded and quiet
  15. tamikrest is still on the lineup on the website. Was really looking forward to them so fingers crossed
  16. saturday could be very difficult. will have to make sure i'm not working then as well
  17. haaha outstanding Bristol does have it's personalities
  18. is big jeff, right at the bottom of the lineup, the same big jeff present at every single gig i've been to in Bristol?
  19. they should give you the opportunity to choose your shifts, and it'll be after the day splits have been announced so you'll probs get to see them. they didn't have enough stewards last year so you'll be fine
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