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  1. Really hoping idles are on Friday. Working Saturday night and missing my number 1 act of the weekend in car seat headrest. Also hoping that the Beths and pigs are on after 7pm as I'm also working Friday afternoon. Why don't I just pay for a ticket I don't know
  2. Very feasible, Green Man is easier to navigate in my opinion, with far fewer choke points between the main stages. I didn't think it could get much better in terms of lineups than eotr last year, but this is very close
  3. Car seat headrest on Saturday according to their website. I guess on far out up against four tet
  4. Same as last year but here you go
  5. There are 5 or 6 acts that I have down as must sees. I really don't want to pick my shifts only to find I'm missing all of them
  6. This is how late the announcement is.... Just got an email from the steward organiser asking me to select my shift pattern.
  7. They tanked it a bit at eotr last year. The monitor for lenker was having issues and that seemed to put her in a terrible mood. They were fantastic when I saw them at green Man in 2017 and in Manchester the same year so I'm sure that was a one off. UFOF is the album of the year for me so far so very excited about seeing them at Green Man
  8. Chai wallahs list Green Man on their website as a 2019 festival so nothing to worry about
  9. Hmm not entirely sure for the GM audience
  10. It would be weird to have Christine headlining and sve only subbing
  11. That would be amazing, although he's not exactly playing much over the summer,.so not sure that makes him more likely
  12. One month between GM and the start of the tour, can't see it happening to be honest
  13. Leaving on Monday can be a bit of a nightmare in terms of getting out of the carpark, especially if you're lazy like me and my friends. If you don't want to be stuck in an hour long queue definitely leave as early as possible. Fortunately we crew so we park right by the entrance
  14. If eels are headlining that's two years in a row with no females at the top of the bill. Disappointing and contributes to two years of bland headliners imo
  15. I have a feeling Benali is talking about eotr
  16. 3-4 months. They're quite good at updating on social media when it's about to sell out
  17. Someone mentions them every year haha. Can't see it happening but would love to be proved wrong
  18. Fair, although they were definitely listed to play all points east on the bon iver day on their band camp. Don't know if that's changed. I'd be surprised if they didn't tour boygenius across a festival season, and there are plenty more to be announced. And eotr or green Man would be their natural fit in the UK. But I don't know anything.
  19. Lucy and Julien played eotr so don't see it as too much of a problem, as I'd imagine boygenius would be at one of GM or eotr
  20. Saw all three of them individually last summer, and they where all fantastic. Baker was slightly ruined by a group of middle aged people next to me complaining about how depressing it was. (You're at a festival-move ffs). They were one of the best things to come out of 2018 for me
  21. Hopefully boygenius will play as well, along with individual performances by the three of them across the weekend. That would be very nice.
  22. Avalanches are probably the most disappointing band i've ever seen. They were terrible at field day 2016. Really terrible.
  23. could see them headlining far out
  24. it's a difficult one. they've got a lot of fan boys/girls but not sure they have the broad appeal for a headliner. Although i suppose you could say that about king gizz. But then i guess gizz were a lot cheaper than MBV would be. Basically i don't know
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