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  1. Please tell me you went to hospital... No festival is worth getting arthritis in the future
  2. In fairness her general point does stand in that there is a lack of decent dance music, although personally this doesn't bother me too much
  3. Had a fantastic year, favourite festival ever in terms of lineup and I have a feeling it may be my favourite festival full stop. Green Man is the best place in the entire world for me and wish I could do it all again. Highlights were pigs x7, black country new road, sve and car seat headrest. Stella Donnelly was probably my favourite set of the weekend. People around me where in tears after her little speech before boys will be boys. Only negatives were the slightly annoying food queues, deciding to see fjm over idles and them running out of the ipa on Sunday night. Also a bit of a
  4. Got in and set up camp in classic Green Man weather-sunny and raining at the same time. The ground is still very good but can see orange car park being a major issue on Monday morning.
  5. The weather forecast is so changeable that it's already changed massively for today. Meant to be pissing it down all day according to the forecast yesterday, but now it looks like it's drying up around lunch time. Which is good for me as I wasn't looking forward to setting up my tent in the rain when I get on site this afternoon
  6. Yep loads. Plus random cavity searches
  7. That's a big no, I've stewarded it the past couple of years and had to turn a lot of people away from blue car park two years ago who were trying to do the same thing. I highly doubt it's changed this year.
  8. Being able to see all of Stereolab and car seat headrest has made me very happy
  9. Them on record really doesn't live up to them live, an incredible and indescribable experience
  10. Mate that's gutting, can't think of a less deserving person to happen to after that playlist
  11. The food is fantastic. I always take my cooking equipment but normally give up on Friday morning
  12. Aidan moffat and RM hubbart posted saying the dates they've got announced are their last ever
  13. As good as they are, 40% of the festival will not be at the Beths
  14. My point was that I think people are putting too much weight behind the clashfinder statistics of bands people are planning to see, in that people that use the clashfinder so far in advance are probably major festival nerds like us, and therefore only represent a small percentage of the GM punters
  15. I'm not sure the people that use clashfinder three months out from the festival, when we don't even know the actual stage times, are overly representative of the festival
  16. Oh god I forgot about big thief
  17. for me that extends into the evening, want to see sterolab, car seat headrest, black country new road and maybe a little bit of four tet. All sounds far too stressful
  18. God I hope the clashfinder is correct, big thief into black country into Stereolab into car seat headrest followed by the end of four tet. No other festival this summer comes close to that run
  19. Only time I've ever fallen asleep standing up
  20. Chai Wallahs last band Sunday night is always the set of the weekend for me. Broken brass ensemble are not to be missed
  21. I've been the past two years on Wednesday and it's really really easy to meet people at the train station and take a taxi. If my memory serves correctly it's a fiver each. In 2017 I met three people at the train station, hit it off, spent a lot of the weekend with them and did eotr with them last year and this summer. Wednesday is also a lot of fun, you're able to explore the arena before everyone else gets there and the staff bar is open.
  22. That is truly a worst case scenario
  23. He's playing eotr, Green Man's main competitor, so I'd say unlikely. However could explain the late announcement.
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