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  1. He's not sold out Hampden off the back of supporting the Courteeners 😆 Watch his TRNSMT 2018 set and that was before anyone in England had even heard of him, probably what brought him to Liam Fray's attention too as they were on after to a smaller crowd.
  2. Will be interesting to see how quickly these sell-out, imagine there are quite a few additional dates to be added including a second Hampden date surely or maybe Murrayfield.
  3. Some people need to get out the house more and realise that this is a festival in Glasgow, Scotland. The type of people saying that Courteerers and Capaldi shouldn't be headling and Foals should be are the same type that say Gerry Cinnamon can't shift tickets when he's just sold-out Hampden in hours off one album.
  4. Had to look up photos. Falkirk does look like a decent set-up for mid-sized gigs. Certainly better than just a field and no doubt a lot more commercially attractive now that they've built-up a list of past gigs - Elton John, Status Quo, Midge Ure, Rod Stewart, Tom Jones, Madness, Jess Glynne, Little Mix, Westlife, The Killers
  5. Gerry has just sold out Hampden in no time at at all this morning. 50,000+ tickets.
  6. So it looks like Gerry has indeed sold out Hampden in minutes. Lots of disappointed fans on twitter, wonder if a second date a possibility? In other news the Killers have annouced the Falkirk Stadium on Thursday 28th May
  7. That's the point. Imagine a festival was Paramore, Chvrches, Neon Trees, Wolf Alice. Would they when have to book some male acts to counteract these "female acts" even though these female acts are mostly male.
  8. You've had a nightmare mate, time for some fresh air.
  9. Not sure if this is xenophobia, classism, agism or all three. But what I am sure about is that it is extremely backwards to try to shut down debate through personal insults...
  10. It's a forum, not a popularity contest. It's important that other views are seen to avoid an echo-chamber environment.
  11. Just pointing out that the 50/50 thing doesn't work and more nuance should be shown.
  12. Since it's all about diversity now, I think Billie Eilish should not be counted in the female category since all her stuff was written and produced by her big brother in his bedroom.
  13. Probably not a discussion for this thread but what is the reason for this? It's always puzzled me. Is it as simple as a London-centric music industry and the inherent class/north-south divide. Surely record labels must have people to tell the likes of CATB or Blossoms that they just need to chuck on a pair of Adidas Gazelles and they'd sell twice as many tickets.
  14. Of the hundreds of thousands in Scotland who have seen him over the years go through open mics, pub gigs, King Tuts, ABC, Barrowlands, Hydro, TRNSMT etc. Nobody will be avoiding Hampden because they've seen him before, quite the opposite.
  15. Watch it sell out in minutes. Only need to look at TRNSMT from 2018 (that was the gig that announced him to the music world and way before any media types or anyone in England had even heard of him) and with the crowd he got in Glasgow he could've sold Hampden even back then.
  16. Do you still think Belladrum stand a chance two weeks after he sells out Hampden?
  17. Hampden will sell out in hours and he'll announce another date.
  18. No working class heterosexual male is paying money to go to gigs just because "omg he's got a great voice".
  19. This is an arena tour with 1 venue at that capacity in Leicester. He sold two nights at the Hydro in minutes + Aberdeen arena (13,000), Liverpool, Leeds, Dublin, Belfast, Cardiff, 2x Brixton, Newcastle and Norwich.
  20. Funny to read this. A year later and Gerry is too big an act for Belladrum to even dream of booking him.
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