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    Is anybody going to Objekt's live show in London next month? Saw 2/3 of it at Primavera this year and decided it fuck it and decided to trek down from Glasgow to the full show this time and see London for the day. If anybody is around that and wants to go for a pint then send me a PM.
  2. hi.


    Does anybody have any good knowledge (or even better, sources) to impart on where's best to live for a music lover? I'm not necessarily entirely referring entirely to electronic music but I figured here would be a good place to ask as everybody seems pretty clued up on their music. I live in Glasgow but I'm interested in reading more about the comparisons between music scenes (in terms of pull for getting good gigs and lineups as well as how the area cultivates their own homegrown artists). This is equally for my general curiosity but also because I'd like to move around when I'm older and knowing I could find good music easily is very important for me.
  3. What's everybody's wishlist? Mines is Kate Bush Daft Punk Fleetwood Mac Fishmans Reunion playing Long Season (got the documentary planned for next year so now is the time) My Bloody Valentine Aphex Twin DJ PayPal Galen Tipton Donato Dozzy Karen Gwyer Plenty of them are a stretch but even a couple would be incredible.
  4. hi.


    Is anybody going to the Jlin/Holly Herndon night in Manchester on the 20th July by any chance? Bought tickets on a whim as I wasn't expecting to have anything else planned so decided to have a wee adventure down south from Glasgow but now my friends are planning a night back home. No chance I'll convince them to come down with me so thought I'd see if I could find some company to make the trip more worthwhile. Also heading down to Manchester/London early August with a pal to see Park Hye Jin, Newcleus and Marie Davidson if anybody wants to offer additional company.
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