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  1. Fab news! Congratulations 😃
  2. Just thought I'd drop in and see how everyone is doing? Hope you are all staying safe x
  3. I put my card info through at 20 past, got a black screen before it flashed up that I had 2 seconds left to enter the info before timing me out. Payment not taken and no booking on my reg number. Gutted.
  4. Gorgeous photo CG! I'm off to London tomorrow for an unexpected day out and praying I can have at least one adventure this year that doesn't get screwed up by heatstroke. Have fab weekends you lovely people.
  5. Logical brain says I can't do it, but it was nice to entertain the idea! The monotony of job hunting is driving me up the wall. Have a lovely weekend, folks!
  6. Looking forward to hosting @Curlygirl!!! Not going to lie, might be up for a "Mucky Weekender" having looked at the line up. Gawd knows I can't afford it but there's some decent bands on....
  7. I asked several times at bars for water and was refused each time. Having said that the water points weren't that bad at all.
  8. I got back to a wet Preston yesterday after surviving Kendal. Feel terrible for bailing early but heat stroke on the first day then battling with mud was just too much for me. Had a cracking time with the people I was with though ?. Might have tried to stick it out til the end if Dermot Kennedy was still on the bill, but I think getting home when I did was the right decision. Got a couple of flooded roads near me, and there's big thunderstorm warnings in place from tomorrow til midnight on Wednesday with further flooding risks so going to stock up on supplies this evening just in case.
  9. Sadly I don't have that many friends, so if I aim to pay for it myself if I do have people to share the cost with by then it'll be a pleasant surprise ? My birthday is in January, so I can hedge my bets with the festival before or the festival after when it comes to tickets ?
  10. I can't think of any other way to celebrate it ? I'm 34 now, so my plan is by then I'll have a few quid saved so I can thoroughly enjoy it.
  11. I'm aiming for a tipi for my 40th, so I've got a few years to save up. Definitely on the bucket list.
  12. I was later getting there than I planned, so that may have been a factor. That and shyness at talking to new people.
  13. No need to apologise to anyone! Introversion happens to us all. I spotted a couple of familiar faces which I think is the only reason I was able to go and be sociable without a load of drink in me. I'm glad we do name badges because even if I have met people before, I am terrible with remembering people. I also get convinced that no-one will remember me even if I remember them (this applies in real life as well as meet type things).
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