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  1. Sadly I don't have that many friends, so if I aim to pay for it myself if I do have people to share the cost with by then it'll be a pleasant surprise 😄 My birthday is in January, so I can hedge my bets with the festival before or the festival after when it comes to tickets 😊
  2. I can't think of any other way to celebrate it 😊 I'm 34 now, so my plan is by then I'll have a few quid saved so I can thoroughly enjoy it.
  3. I'm aiming for a tipi for my 40th, so I've got a few years to save up. Definitely on the bucket list.
  4. I was later getting there than I planned, so that may have been a factor. That and shyness at talking to new people.
  5. No need to apologise to anyone! Introversion happens to us all. I spotted a couple of familiar faces which I think is the only reason I was able to go and be sociable without a load of drink in me. I'm glad we do name badges because even if I have met people before, I am terrible with remembering people. I also get convinced that no-one will remember me even if I remember them (this applies in real life as well as meet type things).
  6. I can't believe I didn't have my first pint until I was at the meet 😐 Normally I'm more socially lubricated by that time and will chat to any and everyone. I then proceeded to drink a lot in quite a short space of time, not realising I was already a bit spangled from sunstroke..... oooops. Did get a decent amount of hugs off folk, but will be aiming for more next time! The meet didn't feel long enough for my liking.
  7. Have been reunited with the rum I didn't drink so this should be fun.
  8. Alas no, closest I've come to telecoms is data forecasting and corporate billing.
  9. Since being home I've been throwing my CV around like confetti at the Pyramid stage. To even consider next's year event I need a job and I need one now. (shameless beg.. if anyone knows of anything around Lancashire/Manchester... I'll do most things!!)
  10. Very much this! Also when you see people walking across site with their kit at varying points on Sunday.
  11. Did -make the meet -avoid any visits to the medical tent -manage to catch up with a few people I hadn't seen for ages Didn't -go up the Ribbon Tower -go in the Rabbit Hole -have jerk chicken or a burrito
  12. I've been more productive since getting back than I was in the run-up to the festival! I think the reality of being jobless has properly kicked in now I have nothing in the diary to look forward to.
  13. I feel like I didn't see as much compared to my original plan but I'm not overly bothered. Only one I am a bit upset about missing was Miley after watching her on iplayer. Sun/heat stroke and trying not to burn made seeking out shade more of a priority than running between stages and standing in the sun for too long.
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