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  1. This year one of my big Glasto moments was actually before the festival, which took me totally by surprise. I've been lucky enough to make some amazing friends (in addition to ones I already had from previous years) through this forum, and most of them probably don't realise how important they have been in keeping me going after the last couple of years. At end of our last pre festival video chat reality slapped me harder in the feels than I could ever have imagined. Being able to say "See you tomorrow" to someone I hadn't even met in person at that stage but who I already felt a really strong connection to had me bawling my eyes out in ways I couldn't have imagined. As for moments at the festival, well, I knew Wolf Alice would get me and they absolutely did. Elbow... always. There were also other random moments but I think those were the main ones.
  2. Finished packing ready to set off tomorrow and wondering what I've forgotten.
  3. Played three holes of golf and carried my bag. Hoping that by doing that every Monday before the festival should prepare my back and shoulders for carrying my backpack when the time comes.
  4. I am SO glad to not have to worry about this any more. Glad they arrived safe and sound.
  5. Dug out my festival wardrobe so I can see just how much shopping I'll need to do thanks to the lockdown weight gain.
  6. Happy with this, looks like I'll be spending more time at the Park than I expected this year!
  7. No worries! We'll make sure they arrive safely one way or another
  8. That looks pretty interesting! Could be tempted by that.
  9. I hope so! This was the only one I really wanted this year, but given people started queueing at my local from yesterday afternoon, I wasn't feeling like trying my luck this morning.
  10. Stencils! Hadn't even considered that! Great idea.
  11. Sadly I have the artistic talent of an overzealous toddler. Definitely something to consider though.
  12. I'd love to join team Fresh and Black but I love having a pretty tent that can be spotted in a sea of dull. If the tent makers want to give us a range of attractive tents but with the modern tech, I'm all ears! Until then I think it will be my Celia Birtwell flowers tent from 2008 again this time.
  13. Requested a refund on a gig ticket. After two years of postponements they've moved it to when I'm at the festival. Extra money in the beer fund!
  14. My usual supply involves 1 - 1.5 litres of rum, a couple of litres of whisky, a load of cans of Prosecco, and a couple of chilled beers ready to drink once the tent is up. Not sure I can be bothered with the weight of the Prosecco this year though.
  15. Oh my goodness! Even more beautiful than I imagined 😍
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