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  1. You idiot they get money and earn interest off the lending.A spiral of debt that for some unknown reason you support Goldman boy.
  2. Oooh is he a hero of yours?Trouble with your laughable attempt at deflection is that it's always liberal types caught out in this sort of racism unless you've got photos of Trump or Farage dressed up like the Black and White Minstrel show. Do the right thing going forward. The exact opposite of what you always apply to others.🤣
  3. It's not printing money.😂 It's printed digitally is the only difference. Hey presto here's 500 billion.😂
  4. Its called quantative easing Goldman boy.😀
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-49758613 Deary me he made a habit of this didn't he?
  6. You can shout seig Juncker all you like but empires are often very,very bad. Many taxpayers on the continent paid to boost bank profits.Same old same old as before.
  7. It was obvious to everyone he was a fraud and liar.These sort of things must weigh heavily on your carefully crafted full of shit internet personna though. How could he let you down so many times?Even now you bring in Farage and Trump and say nothing about what's in front of your nose.😂
  8. Here's a good liberal.Two faced,phoney, lying he's got it all.😂
  9. Im always excellent.😂
  10. Yeah a mutual agreement where you get told what to do,say and think.😂
  11. Yeah look at the state of education these days.Taught what to think not how to think.I wouldn't boast about the utter blerts as a good example.They're always the easiest to fool.😂
  12. Im a 100% correct as usual.The banks and the commision fiddled the books and then destroyed large sections of Greece to claw back the money they stole in the first place.It's how corrupt empires act.
  13. So without saying explicitly you believe in empires you go around the houses to hint that you do. In the interest of not destroying the planet of course.😂
  14. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.😂
  15. You said Greece didn't have austerity imposed on them.There's an article from one of your precious liberal outlets showing you t He exact opposite.No I don't believe the source this time though.It's another feeble effort to change the subject.😂 So do you believe in empires or not?
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