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  1. Chicken licken I'll probably have to return to laugh at all the berserk bollocks you've been talking for years now.?
  2. And you dont insult me you two faced shitbag??
  3. You've had to moderate my posts to stop me making you look a bigger fool than usual.Chicken licken?
  4. It's a retired medic from 2017.Did you think it was a Delta special forces soldier.You did didn't you?It was a lighthearted meme that everyone but 5th stage derangement sufferers knew.Youre taking being a dickhead to previously unknown levels.? As if you'd be arsed about the life of anyone. Oh no oh no.Thats it then.Youve said this 50 times before and it was utter crap but this time its curtains for him.Its gone from a secret process to one where everyone can see it's a load of shite. A process that will destroy the Democrat party and show hundreds of crimes committed by your weird mates.I'm devvoed.?
  5. Yeah Special Forces soldiers want their kippers all over the news. Stick to thinking that televised Lib loon party conference speeches are conspiracy theories.Do you study at getting a PHd in getting a Thick as Pig Shit degree to go with your QC credentials??
  6. Yeah nobody thought it was a photoshop.The only stupid ones are the Stage 5 deranged who believe anything.What a div.???
  7. Yeah good argument.Been reading snopes again oh brainwashed fool.It's a hyperbolic of non facTORS.PING.? WOOF WOOF.
  8. Ah bless its the shoulder today the lazy scouse doleite yesterday. You cant get your lies in proper order.? Pelosi and Schiff go to Afghanistan and the Middle East.Her brother had just died and they're in the middle of the impeachment hoax but had to go.Reasons not clear.According to the NYT the whereabouts of Al Bagdadi was discovered when they were in Jordan a country that borders Syria.Trump made a point of not informing them or,according to Suasan Rice,the Manchurian candidate either about the raid.Two or three previous attempts had failed to capture Al Bagdadi.According to Gen.Tony Thomas the New York Times ran a leaked intelligence report that foiled a raid. https://clashdaily.com/2019/10/watch-gen-tony-thomas-says-that-leaks-foiled-a-previous-attempt-to-get-baghdadi/ Trump says that significant intelligence has been recovered about ISIS and its origins.Israel closes down embassies across the world.According to the Jerusalem Post because,wait for it,of a tiff with France.So because of a pay dispute Israel closes all embassies worldwide.All facts but not necessarily all connected of course.I suppose it depends if your worldview consists of infinite coincidences or not.Woof woof. https://www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Israeli-embassy-in-Washington-DC-to-shut-down-in-protest-606264 The big story is Heidi Allen isn't standing for parliament again.?
  9. A hyperbolic of what non factors like to say. In your pretend world that's concise,easily understood language.You're great.?
  10. You've just taken a selfie.?
  11. That candidate who realises 9/11was an inside job sounds a big improvement on the rest.Anyone who believes the official story is mad as a spoon.
  12. A hyperbolic version of what non factors like to say.Well that makes it clear.? You can add that and flashing videos to this list of sixteen other reasons she lost the election. https://www.axios.com/16-things-hillary-clinton-blames-for-her-election-loss-1513305545-cf6505a6-76a8-49a0-989a-1be67190d4ed.html Your argument of parliament dates back to Edmund Burke in the 18th century.Of course Burke was a bought and paid for corrupt man and he talked shit like you. We're just there to make sure they get a nice pay check,great expenses and the very best pension available. hich “long predates democracy” — with “brutal effectiveness”. “[W]hat’s happened with the referendum is [it is] the first time that Parliament has consciously and deliberately — and led by its Speaker and by its leading MPs — consciously reversed the notion of representation,” he said. “And it seems to me to be an act of unprecedented folly… it’s a sort of act of institutional suicide.”
  13. So you do know what she meant but you're a bit shy on saying?You haven't got the first clue what she meant but pretend that its obvious?You're just full of shit generally and you have to deflect?Dont be shy lets hear what you think she meant.I'll be patient.Drums fingers.? Parliament gets its sovereignty through the people not the other way around.Its called national sovereignty. You would have learnt that if you could read what a constitutional historian said.Can't compute though can you? You will really have to get your lies in line.Am I an injured pensioner or a lazy doleite?Can't be both. Its Deepfake she's not like that.PING.?
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