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  1. Yeah I'll do that too, it's going to be tough to convince myself to get out for a 20 miler on Saturday. Hopefully a fixed date is enough to motivate me!
  2. Richmond marathon next month has been postponed and I can't do the new date so it's as good as cancelled for me 😞 It's going to be pretty hard to keep my motivation to get out and running in the dark cold evenings now, I might still just run a marathon on that date and see if I do any better than when I had to do a virtual marathon last year. February is still feeling pretty bleak!
  3. gmb1992


    I have this coming tomorrow and can't wait! At home kits seems to be the more popular in lockdown 3 from what I'm seeing on social media. I'm guessing it's because people have more time to cook. https://store.dishoom.com/vegan-sausage-naan-roll-kit
  4. Do you use a watch or a chest strap? I might start taking notice of my HR but don't know if my Garmin is reliable.
  5. I listened to the new Bicep album on my run last night. I don't love it as much as the self titled album but it's 49 instrumental minutes which is perfect for running for me so I would recommend.
  6. I have the airpods with the charging case and my husband has the ones where you have to plug in the case to charge. His case no longer charges and sometimes the left headphone of mine doesn't charge so I'd say they are temperamental. They do feel comfortable in ear though and have never fallen out. I'm not sure if they are officially waterproof but I've worn them in pretty bad weather conditions... might be why they are a little dodgy! I have a friend who swears by the Aftershockz headphones which don't actually go in ear.
  7. Garmin can link with Spotify so you can download playlists. I'm still just getting along with my training plan, I have a brutal 30km in the diary for Saturday so I'm just going to take my weekday runs easy to hopefully keep the legs fresh! It's going to be a struggle but the feeling afterwards when I'm vegging on the sofa for the rest of the day will be so worth it!
  8. Definitely! Let me know if you find any good nutrition/ hydration tips. I actually don't mind gels (especially the Gu ones) but will probably want to start experimenting with actual food whilst running... I've heard malt loaf is good.
  9. Nice! That does look pretty tough, I never know if loops and knowing what's coming would be a good thing or not mentally? I had a look at a training plan and apart from the long runs at the weekend the weekday mileage actually looks easier than my current marathon training which is a nice surprise
  10. I've signed up to Race to The King - a double marathon on 19th June. I wasn't going to do it if Glasto was on this year because I didn't want achy legs to hinder my experience, but as it turns out this year is the year to dip my toe in the ultra pond after all. I'll be relying on the endorphins/ dopamine to keep my spirits up over the net few months that's for sure!
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't there a theory that vaccinating the vulnerable population first could actually cause the virus to be able spread amongst less vulnerable people and mutate further into stronger strains? If the above is right I can't see restrictions being lifted until everyone is vaccinated so we're looking at at least autumn for some normality?
  12. 0% - I feel like it's time for me to start coming to terms with this summer being not to dissimilar from last 😩
  13. Another vote for Garmin for a running watch. My husband has the forerunner245 and I have the Vivoactive 3, which was a bit cheaper and the stats have helped so much with training. Be warned though, your usual Strava routes will likely come out as slightly shorter when you start logging on your watch and therefore you will be slightly slower than you thought you were!
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    Makes me remember the good old days of exploring the world and all the amazing restaurants.... sigh
  15. Thanks for that, I was thinking things were a bit quiet but was taking it as a positive. Hopefully if they have to postpone it's only a couple of months.
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    East by Meera Sodha is my fav cookbook purchase from last year also The Green Roasting Tin is handy for simple one tray in the oven recipes πŸ™‚
  17. Yeah I think that's the kind of mindset I'm going to have to be in too - Fingers crossed for March running events though!
  18. Glad to see this thread springing back into life! I'm week 6 into my marathon training plan (Fingers crossed for Richmond at the end of March 🀞) and I'm really enjoying having the structure of a proper weekly plan. I'm a bit anxious about whether the race will actually happen, my marathon got cancelled last year and it completely shattered my motivation, virtual runs are not the same, virtual marathons are not fun! Any way 65km on the plan this week, starting with a nice, easy 5km to tick off this eve πŸ™‚
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    There are a fair few recipes online, my fav is https://www.thebuddhistchef.com/recipe/seitan/. Some of the ones I have tried before have turned out to be what can only be described as "chicken bread", you can also change up the herbs and spices to your taste. I've been vegan for almost 4 years after being veggie for about 10 years ( I had a bit of a hiatus around the age of 18). I try not to have too many processed alternatives, but below is a list of my go to ones : Richmond meat free sausages (weekend treat)/ Classic Linda McCartney's (weekday staple, better macros) Bourneville chocolate (perfect for a reasonably priced vegan chocolate), also Bourneville now do chocolate fingers, also vegan. There are loads of more expensive ones that are made with oat milk etc which taste amazing but can easily cost a shed load if you have a sweet tooth like me Galaxy vegan instant hot chocolate - This is a game changer for me (again sweet tooth) Oatly/ JΓΆrd oat milk - The closest to dairy milk especially for tea Myprotein/ Misfits - vegan protein range for anyone who likes a protein shake/bar Hopefully this is helpful, there is also a social media site called "accidentally vegan" which lets people know of the common things you'd come across and not realise they are actually vegan πŸ™‚
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    Club Covid

    Just been for a drive through test after getting a sore throat and my tonsils are swollen with some dots so I've definitely got tonsillitis but the symptom app suggested getting tested so I thought I may as well to be sure. I've been into work once on Monday and otherwise haven't been into another building since xmas day so if I've picked up anything it would have had to have been from Monday. I work in an office by myself (in a wider business centre) but barely spoke to anyone! If I am positive the new strain must be a lot more transmissible!! I'm surprised I've even manged to pick up tonsillitis, my immune system must be not used to other people and their germs!
  21. I managed to get a lot of runs in over Christmas and was loving being able to get out whilst it was light which isn't possible during the week during winter so I'm hoping there was some damage limitation to the amount of food and booze consumed. I'm hoping it doesn't get too icy to run here as it is honestly one of the only things that keeps me sane! I had a trail half mara booked in for the 23rd Jan in the New Forest, which has now been postponed... here we go again!
  22. Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you all have a lovely restful Christmas and New Year and are ready for things to start looking up next year 🀞
  23. Not good news! I wonder if G will feel the need to put any kind of statement after this, Macca seemed pretty sure it's not happening πŸ˜”
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